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MILTON An 86 year old woman's adult son "snapped," "cut her throat with a knife" and killed her Tuesday night, Santa Rosa County lawmen say.

nature for him."

The traffic charges that jailed Lewis stemmed from a high speed chase Sept. 10, which ended after deputies Tased him several times.

Investigators haven't specified a cause of death. They were analyzing forensic evidence Wednesday afternoon after a judge granted a search warrant for David Lewis' home at 3271 Lewis Road.

David Jeffery Lewis, 56, is the son of victim Bonnie Lewis. He was not immediately charged in the case, which lawmen say is a murder investigation. Instead, Santa Rosa County officials jailed him on charges stemming from a high speed chase in mid September. He was not arrested at the time because of injuries he suffered, according to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office arrest report. Tuesday, according to Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Haines. Her family called 911, but when deputies arrived, she was already dead.

He maintained he "didn't do anything wrong," according to the report. "Lewis was not placed under arrest on scene due to his injuries sustained in his crash," the report states. He had cut his face even before he was stopped. Emergency Medical Services took him to the emergency room at Santa Rosa Medical Center, where they said he was coherent and told them he was going to Deaton Bridge (in Blackwater River State Park) to see his son.

A judge issued an outstanding arrest warrant Wednesday morning for the Sept. 10 chase. He is charged with fleeing and eluding law enforcement at high speed and resisting lawmen without violence.

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She lived there alone. A mother Puma Fierce Pink

"I always had a fear that he would kill his mother," said family member Betty Lewis, who until recently lived near the mother and son.

On Wednesday, investigators named him a "person of interest" in the case after the family insisted Bonnie Lewis always locked her home and didn't answer the door for strangers. There were no signs of forced entry and the interior of the house was in order.

David Jeffery Lewis, 56, son of apparent homicide victim Bonnie Lewis, was arrested Thursday afternoon and charged with first degree murder.

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of seven children, Bonnie Lewis worked for many years as a dietician at West Florida Hospital.

"Everybody in that community was afraid of David. They were just terrified of him," she said later.

Lewis had been leaving Milton across the Puma Shoes Womens White

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She said she saw signs of trouble. "He had some animosity toward her for some reason.

But Lewis, who is listed at 6 feet tall and 325 pounds, snatched out the first two Taser probes and threw them at the deputy before other deputies Tased him again.

"We can't really turn our backs on David because we don't know what was going through his head," she said. "We'll keep loving him. You can look at David's face and tell that he doesn't know what's happened."

But lawmen didn't immediately press murder charges. Instead, they jailed David Lewis without bond for a Sept. 10 high speed chase that ended in sheriff's deputies Tasing him and sending him to Santa Rosa Medical Center for treatment.

The alleged motive: David Lewis told investigators his mother "treated him like a 12 year old" and that he "constantly argued" with her, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office.

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He still had to be forced to the ground, resisting and crying out "Help me, Jesus" before deputies Tased him some more and secured him in restraints.

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Lewis was being held at the Santa Rosa County Jail later Wednesday with no bond as lawmen waited for forensic test results.

A family member said such a violent incident Puma Disc Black would be "completely out of Sneakers Puma For Men

Grieving family members already were searching for forgiveness Thursday, Betty Lewis said.

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MILTON Lawmen named a "person of interest" Wednesday in the Tuesday night homicide of an 86 year old woman.

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She was dead when deputies responded to a 911 call from the family.

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When Lewis stopped, deputies approached and noticed blood on his face and shotgun shells on the truck's floorboard. When he resisted arrest, a deputy Tased him, the report states.

Murder of Bonnie Lewis

He was standing with her on her front porch at 3290 Lewis Road on Tuesday night when he killed her, investigators say. Family members found her slumped over in a living room chair a short time later after David Lewis returned to his home down the road.

Blackwater River Bridge that day when deputies said he swerved at them. His truck had a flat tire and front end damage, so they suspected he'd been in a hit and run crash. Highway 90 at about 85 mph, according to his arrest report. 90, held his hand out of the window and waved "in peace symbol fashion," a deputy wrote.

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