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Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Young people should never accept a ride or get into a vehicle with a stranger.

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Always walk on sidewalks and cross at intersections where they are available.

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Make sure you are visible to the drivers and make eye contact with the drivers before crossing.

When waiting for the school bus, stand back from the roadway until the bus has come to a complete stop, with its flashing red lights activated.

Parents and children are also reminded of the following safety tips:

As students return to school, the New Brunswick RCMP is reminding motorists to be extra vigilant when driving through school zones and when approaching a school bus to ensure the safety of all.

The RCMP reminds motorists that fines are doubled in school zones. The fines for speeding in a school zone or failing to stop for a school bus range from $345 to more than $1200.

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, and always Puma Black

in all directions and listen carefully for traffic before crossing.

walk your bicycle across a roadway.

When Puma Red Ferrari Shoes you see a school bus with red flashing lights, traffic in both directions must come to a complete stop to ensure the safety of children going on and coming off the bus. Drivers may only proceed once the bus driver has turned off the red lights.

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

Motorists reminded to be extra vigilant as students return to school

Puma Red Ferrari Shoes

"Communities throughout the province will experience an increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic as children return to school," says Cst. Jullie Rogers Marsh, of the New Brunswick RCMP. "Keeping our young people safe is everyone responsibility, from parents to motorists, to Puma Match Shoes

the students themselves."

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