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He began thanking his parents saying, "Mom and dad, it has been seven years since I told you I would learn English, graduate from high school and go to college. Tonight, I am pleased to announce that I am halfway there."

The members of the Class of 2010 were presented their diplomas, followed by a solo by Amanda Craig, choral student and graduate, and a prayer by Garrett Trickey.

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MPHS Principal Judd Marshall was the master of ceremonies for the night and began with inviting Lucas Quary to the stage to give the opening prayer.

Puma All Black Shoes

Puma All Black Shoes

Joshua Soto, Salutatorian of the class, was next at the podium and gave a speech asking his fellow seniors to remember where they had been, and what they had been though to get to where they are and encouraged them to use that knowledge to propel them forward into the future.

Puma All Black Shoes

Marshall introduced the next speaker to the podium, Valedictorian Feiran Chen whose speech implored the seniors as they head into the world to remember the valuable things they can take away from their years at MPHS.

Puma All Black Shoes

Chen went on to recall all of the things he learned from his friends at school, from the mundane to the important.

"If something knocks us down, we get back up. If opportunity does not knock, we will make our own doors," Soto told his fellow classmates.

Caitlin McRight was then brought to the stage to give the presentation to the parents of the seniors. "A family is like a wolf pack," said McRight. "Without our parents we would be lone wolves in search of our way."

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The night began with the playing of the class song, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey as the members of the school board, MPHS administrations and counselors made their way to seats on the stage.

The senior class president Teofilo Marquez was next up on stage to give his address. Marquez spoke of lost classmates and how he wished they could be walking with them, as well as thanking the family members of the class and the teachers that helped him through the years.

they have done though the years to get the students to this point.

"We have learned many things though the years," said Soto. "Most importantly we have learned that we are capable of Puma All Black Shoes adapting to any situation.

Puma All Black Shoes

Soto remembered his time at MPHS, the likes and the dislikes, the times that everybody laughed and even the sad times.

which are pretty good."

Puma All Black Shoes

Puma All Black Shoes

Puma All Black Shoes

"As a Mount Pleasant High School traditions goes," said Marshall in closing. "The graduates will now perform one final act as a group. Class of 2010 change your tassels."

"Every one of you can remember a time when you laughed and you all have something that you liked about Puma Sneakers For Girls High Tops

Marshall announced and introduced the guests on stage as well as recognizing the faculty in attendance and thanking them for all the hard work Puma White And Gold Sneakers

this school," said Soto. "Even the chicken rings in the cafeteria Puma Shoes Blue And Black

Mount Pleasant High School Class of 2010 remembers the past

"Everybody has their place here," said Chen. "From the UIL nerds, band geeks, baseball stars, football heroes, Mr. Nice guys, punks and so on. Despite the differences we all have been able to learn from each other."

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