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City council's wish is Puma Gv Special to write a bylaw that would enforce vehicle noise for motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Motorcyclists feeling marginalized

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"Why are motorcycles the target?"

Council's move to push this ahead was met with disgust by the Canadian Army Veterans motorcycle group who came out to the meeting.

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Puma Gv Special

"It's unfair to target Puma Sneakers For Women 2017

Councillor Troy Davies, one of two councillors who voted to not amend the noise bylaw, questioned why city council needed to target all motorcycles, Puma Shoes For Men New

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when it's only a small minority who are the offenders.

"What it comes down to is the availability of technology and at this point technology exists to test motorcycles and I hope it's going to be available to test other vehicles in the near future," he said.

"There's about five per cent that drive like idiots and I think they can be easily getting tickets," Davies said. "I'm not going to support this because if we don't have the technology to do this for everyone I don't think we should single out just one group."

The CAV group applauded Davies during the meeting for his comments, however only Councillor Pat Lorje voted the same while the rest of council pushed to rewrite the bylaw.

Nemeth argued many vehicles including buses, police cars, and fire trucks make just as much if not more noise than motorcycles.

motorcycles. If you're going to do it, do it to everybody or not at all and we prefer not at all," said Neil Nemeth representing CAV, adding the reason some riders make so much noise is simply to let other motorists know they are around.

Puma Gv Special

Puma Gv Special

Jeffries said unfortunately that's as far as a bylaw extends.

Monday city council voted in favour to amend the existing noise bylaw to allow Saskatoon police officers to use decibel readers to test vehicle noise, but only for motorcycles.

Puma Gv Special

Puma Gv Special

Puma Gv Special

Puma Gv Special

"We're sharing the road with you we're not bullies, we're not here to intimidate you."

Technology and decibel limits exist only to test motorcycle noise, so Councillor Zach Puma All Red

City solicitor Patricia Warwick advised city council that her office would keep an eye to the ground and would bring forward any new technology introduced to test vehicles noise for regular cars and trucks. However, until those technologies exist, the City of Saskatoon can do very little beyond enforcing vehicle noise limits for anything other than motorcycles.

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