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Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

At the end of the evening, the closing remarks were given by Phillip Yox, who concluded by saying that while the class' success may have been considerable, "Don't let it be the greatest accomplishment of your life."

She also gave the opening prayer, and then was followed by Iesha Jackcon, president of the student council, who followed on the theme of the role of parents in the life of the graduates.

Parents motivated them through high school, she said, and even as the graduates move into the next step of their lives, "we still need that support system."

Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

He cited famous figures of history such as Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan and how they looked at failure and losses. "It's not whether you fall, it's how you pick yourself right back up," he said.

As Senior Class President, Shahid had the opportunity to speak separately from his role as valedictorian. He cited the many academic achievements of the class, as well as its sports exploits, which he attributed to "hard work and determination."

Salutatorian Tucker Brown led into the valedictory address with his own talk that featured a lot of memories and recollections. "These four years passed by much too quickly," said Brown.

It was a proud night for Mount Pleasant as a large class of 318 seniors walked across the turf at Sam Parker Field Friday night and took a major step into the adult world by becoming graduates of the Mount Pleasant High School Class of 2013.

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The members of the graduating class are like leaves, she said, "and leaves need branches."

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Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

Shahid added that thanks to the educational opportunities offered by the MPISD, he is receiving an associates degree at the same time as his high school diploma.

by Daniela Ramirez, who recognized the parents in attendance. "We couldn't have done it without the help of our parents," she said.

MPHS Class of 2013 graduates 318 seniors

Valedictorian Husnain Shahid started his address on a humorous note, giving a plug to the Puma Canvas Shoes Price List family business "Tonight's valedictory address is brought to you by Day and Nite Market" and maintaining a light tone throughout most of it, but ending on a somber and inspirational note.

among others.

Both Brown and Shahid cited the traditional gag of telling freshmen to go to a class on the second floor of the CATE building. As they both noted, "There is no second floor."

The various student speakers praised and thanked the many teachers and administrators who helped them in their high school career. High school counselor Kelly Cowan was thanked for her help over all four years by Shahid.

The diplomas were Sneakers Puma 2017

Brown also reinforced the theme of his class' achievement in his salutatorian address, "We can do anything we set our minds to."

Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

handed out by High School Principal Judd Marshall, assisted by Cowan and Supt. Dr. Lynn Dehart, Puma Sneakers Burgundy

Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

The opening remarks to the evening's ceremony were made Puma New Shoes 2018

Puma Canvas Shoes Price List

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