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Mulcair signals new direction for NDP

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Reciting a familiar script of reaching out to other Canadians, not taking cultural communities for granted like the Liberals and wooing softening Grit support, Mulcair said voters will have a "stark choice" in 2015 between another Conservative mandate "to dismantle everything" or the NDP.

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Mulcair has no interest in playing house with the Liberals.

"The carpet bombing of the political classes as a whole by the right wing produces the desired effect. People do stay home. People become cynical," he said in front of a backdrop that was missing at the party's convention Canadian flags.

TORONTO New Democrats put on a show of unity and bravado Sunday with silly talk of how Prime Minister Stephen Harper would become a punching bag for rookie leader Thomas Mulcair.

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government as long as the scorched Liberals continue to smoulder.

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At his inaugural press conference after MPs performed the unity dance before the microphones, the Montreal MP was pushed to explain how his party could form a Puma Gray Sneaker Shoes

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Asked about holding on to the Puma Shoes Grey And White historic breakthrough in Quebec, where 59 MPs were elected under Jack Layton, Mulcair said that success would help build membership and fundraising.

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tarsands term.

"You won't hear me talking about putting an end to the development of the oilsands, but what you will hear me say is you have to internalize the environmental costs," he said.

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And for the first time since the NDP became the official Opposition, Mulcair softened the party's rhetoric on Alberta's energy sector and unlike the party's environment critic, he didn't use the derogatory Puma Shoes Light Green

said less than 14 hours after delegates suffered through a voting calamity to pick the former Liberal to steer the party in a new direction.

He said it's all about projecting confidence as public administrators and engaging the 40% of Canadians who don't vote.

"He better get used to it because it's going to be happening every single day," MP David Christopherson Puma Leather

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