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Puma Diamond

knifed 22 year old Heather Dyer three times as she left her flat above his home and also repeatedly stabbed one of her friends, leaving him with life threatening injuries.

The court was told the attack happened about 40 minutes after Lyon told another neighbour he was going to kill Miss Dyer if she did not stop playing music which was keeping him awake.

Puma Diamond

Puma Diamond

Jurors were told she had been due to be evicted from her home three days later following repeated complaints by Lyon about her noisy conduct.

Heather Dyer and some of her friends were leaving her home the defendant attacked her Puma Shoes That Light Up

Puma Diamond

"He deliberately stabbed her three times to the chest Puma Diamond and abdomen and when friends tried to intervene one of them, William Taylor was also stabbed several times.

A new trial started at Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday after delays in the court proceedings that followed Puma Sneakers Pink

Opening the prosecution case, Andrew Menary, QC, said: "Sadly the defendant did not wait until that date to arrive instead he took matters into his own hands. " He added: "In the early hours

Puma Diamond

Puma Diamond

Puma Diamond

Prosecutors say Paul Lyon Puma Shoes 2017 White

outside her front door.

Puma Diamond

"Despite emergency treatment Heather Dyer died and but for such treatment William Taylor's would surely have proved fatal."

her death on Chapel Street in July, 2011.

Puma Diamond

Murder trial begins of man accused of stabbing neighbour From St Helens Star

He said that a sharp fish filleting knife was used without warning and a pathologist concluded that he had come from behind Miss Dyer and inflicted the wounds.

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