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by 2014 15. explained that reducing the deficit is critical because it allows for further national programs for citizens, including the reduction of taxes.

the most significant thing as a government we accomplished is (that) we created 260,000 new jobs Canada wide.95% of them are full time jobs and we managed to reduce government Puma Shoes For Women Red

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

the recession in July, 2008, we have 930,000 new jobs created and that is amazing. the biggest success has been the input from the community and the willingness of citizens and government to work together.

As far as plans locally, Lauzon is working on finding funding for the expansion of the landing strip at the Cornwall Regional Airport to allow for more industry in the area.

also paid a considerable amount down on our deficit so that we on target to eliminate our deficit Puma Clyde Atmos

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

think our strength here in Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry. is such a sense of co operation and I mean from all levels of governments, Lauzon said.

Over the last three years, the government has also invested $130 million that was matched by other levels of government into the area.

extend that runway we can have dash threes landing so we can have a regular commuter from Toronto for example. The other thing is if we had the appropriate runway that would allow for currier services likes UPS and all these major curriers. explained the government priority nationally is to improve the economy and create new jobs.

MP's priorities include airport expansion

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

means attracting more industry into the city because it about the only thing missing. If we Puma Shoes Pink Dolphin

According to Lauzon, the most significant news last year for the Conservative government was the addition of hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the country, many of them full time, and reducing government expenditures by 1.6%.

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

probably invested $130 million dollars and, of course that was matched by other levels of government so that there over one quarter of a Puma Sneakers High Ankle billion dollar investment in infrastructure in our economy right here in our area, he said.

expenditures by 1.6% which is when you consider inflation around 2%, he said.

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

Puma Sneakers High Ankle

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