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Puma Kicks 2017

She said: "Initially, he said he didn't want Tai, but he's got over the shock and Puma Black And Brown

Puma Kicks 2017

Puma Kicks 2017

Ms De Bozie said: "He's glad to be home, but he's very wary of other dogs. I'm just Puma Sneakers For Women White

His mother Nikki, 42, of Goldsmith Street, said she did not know how the attack happened and only realised something was wrong when her "hysterical" son was brought to her.

"Iain was hysterical, he was absolutely hysterical and I think he was in shock. His clothes were soaked in blood and his jeans were splattered in Puma Kicks 2017 blood.

"I covered him with a tea towel so he couldn't see the wound, it was that bad. You just go into autopilot and your first thought is cover it up so the child can't see it."

Mum tells of son's dog attack ordeal in Norwich

Iain was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital following the attack on Sunday and underwent a two hour operation to repair the damage to his arm caused as a result of the attack.

Puma Kicks 2017

On Monday, police confirmed that Nathan Atkins, 20, of Goldsmith Street, Norwich, had been charged with allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and to cause injury. He is due to appear before Norwich Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, July 19.

"Tai would've been defending Iain, but Tai doesn't bite. If another dog attacks him, he just backs off. I know he's not capable of biting as I've got six cats and he gets bullied by all of them."

"He's not thinking about what's happened too much."

"He had an X Ray to see if there was damage to the bone. He had two hours of surgery to close the wound.

Ms De Bozie said she does not know how the attack happened, but does not blame the owner or the dog responsible for the attack although she believes it must now be put down.

The 44 year old woman arrested in connection with the attack was released without charge and the Staffordshire bull terrier, which belonged to her, has been given back to her.

Puma Kicks 2017

Puma Kicks 2017

Ms De Bozie said she then put her son, who broke the same arm this time last year after falling off a push bike, straight in the car and took him to hospital.

Puma Kicks 2017

Puma Kicks 2017

She said: "I've got no anger towards the owner or the dog. I don't believe for one second that anyone would want this to happen."

a pupil at Wensum Junior School, was released from hospital and is now recovering at home with his mother and their staffie cross labrador Tai, four, which has been in the family for the past three years.

The mother of two said: "I was surprised it was a bulldog that attacked him as they are not normally known for biting, but I didn't see it and can't comment on it. I just saw the horrific result.

Puma Kicks 2017

"He doesn't blame staffies and I certainly don't blame staffies. They've got such a bad name and I'm now campaigning on their behalf."

Ms De Boize said she has taken the difficult decision to speak out because she did not want her dog, or others like it, to be tarred as being bad.

Police arrived on the scene just before 3pm on Sunday and two dogs a bulldog and a Staffordshire bull terrier were seized.

Puma Kicks 2017

She said: "Iain just went up to talk to a friend. He had just gone out to play and I was inside. The guy who brought Iain down was very apologetic.

The attack has affected Iain, but Ms De Bozie said she is sure her son will be able to get his confidence back with dogs.

relieved to have him home and that it's not more serious. It's just an awful thing to happen, but it could've been so much worse.

Nine year old Iain De Bozie suffered serious injuries to his right arm after being attacked by two dogs a bulldog and a Staffordshire bull terrier at Goldsmith Street, off Dereham Road, Norwich.

is fine with Tai. He knows that he's going to be much more wary about dogs, but knows there's no chance that Tai would ever hurt him.

Two people were arrested at the scene and taken into custody.

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