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Puma All Red

Puma All Red

Puma All Red

Puma All Red

Gallery in Norwich

The manager said the gallery, which has been open for a decade, had occasionally suffered from walk in thefts of photographs, but had never been broken into before.

He said that, ironically, the gallery had no such problems when it offered what it claimed was the world's most expensive piece of Beatles memorabilia for sale at $11m in 2009.

The iconic image, which shows the boxer pretending to punch the Fab Four, was snapped by former Observer sports photographer Chris Smith and was on sale for 7,500.

Muhammad Ali and The Beatles targeted at late

Police investigating the break in at the Saint Giles Street Puma Lightweight Sneakers

Puma All Red

Puma All Red

The gallery manager, who asked not to be named, found a brick Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Puma All Red

coming up to 3am and break into a shop and steal it is a very sad state of affairs."

"I phoned Chris Smith this morning to let him know and he said he was rather flattered.

Puma All Red

"I don't think it was stolen for value. I think someone just wanted the picture. They would not necessary have known how much it was worth there was no price tag.

Puma All Red

among the debris and said: "What's astonishing to me is that it's a quiet listed building in a conservation area. They just smashed the glass.

Puma All Red

"I can't believe that someone was that desperate for it. It makes me feel Puma All Red that someone has that desperation to actually smash a glass window at Puma Shoes Gold Tip

The rare album cover, which showed The Beatles dressed in butcher outfits and surrounded by body parts from dolls, was exhibited behind bullet proof glass and included a hand written note from John Lennon telling a friend he could sell it for $11m.

Puma All Red

Police said an early witness report said two men had been spotted carrying a "large painting".

Puma All Red

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