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So we didn't know when we were voting and for a long time we didn't know who was running, because a judge kept opening and closing the filing period.

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The Tea Party right wing of Puma Shoes For Men Grey the Republican Party benefited from a low turnout. Their radical rump of the GOP appears larger when the vote is low.

face Cruz in the runoff; the result depends on who can get their vote out.

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There was a time when more than 5,000 would vote in the primaries. Take your pick. Which factor did more to suppress voter turnout in last week's Primaries.

draw a legal redistricting map, but I think all three deserve part of the credit.

I still think we could have done better than 2,303 voters, if so many of the other 13,000 registered voters were not deaf from all the screaming by radicals on the right and left. The hate and vitriol spewing from both sides was enough to turn many off.

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Certainly, the courts moving the election date around like a token on a Monopoly board contributed to the problem. If you changed the date of the family reunion as many times as we shifted election dates this year, you would be lucky to have your sister show up.

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Puma Shoes For Men Grey

Multiple woes beset primaries

to fan voter interest.

Locally, there were no contested county wide races. We had a contested commissioner's race in the Republican Primary and one in the Democrat hardly the stuff Puma Shoes Online Discount Shopping

While the Tea Party was able to gain ground in some parts of Texas, Northeast Texas kept a moderate look. I grant you, Ralph Hall and Bryan Hughes are as about as right as you can get, but they were incumbents and not seriously opposed. The Tea Party's attempt to oust Thomas Ratliff from the State Board of Education fell, however, 52 48.

Perhaps that was someone's plan.

Moderate conservatives of both parties still represent the majority consensus of Texans. These primaries show that they get tired of being fed something different.

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If you look at the statewide results in the Republican Primary for US Senate, the moderate candidates Dewhurst, Leppert and James easily outdistanced the Tea Party's Cruz. Still Dewhurst must Puma Original Shoes

But once we had the field set and could pick a date, some bright soul selected the day after a holiday (Memorial Day). People were more worried about getting the sand off the floor board of their SUV than going to the polls.

In Titus County less than 15 percent of registered voters bothered to cast a ballot; 2,303 voted in the Republican Primary. There were 759 voters in the Democratic Primary.

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Puma Shoes For Men Grey

You can blame over active judges, the Obama Justice Department for messing things up or the Republican legislature for not being able to Puma Lightweight Sneakers

Puma Shoes For Men Grey

It does not appear, Democrats will be able to mount a serious challenge to Republican dominance in November. The Democratic nominee, however, for US Senate, Sadler, is a good man. Voters may turn to him, if Cruz prevails in the runoff and voters perceive him as too radical.

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