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"It gave me goosebumps . It was sickening to read what he did to her," he said.

Geoff finds it difficult to read the descriptions of his mum in books and old newspaper clippings: "The hardest thing is that the one thing people know is she was a prostitute and was murdered by

He is keen that Puma Shoes All Blue

He admitted: "Although I have got my head round it, it's still painful to think about what happened.

He said: "It was written the day after she died and said she had been found. The only suspect at the time was her husband, whom she separated from in 75.

people that knew mum and dad."

more and build up a bigger picture of her life instead of just the end."

Puma Beige

Around a year later and burning with renewed curiosity, he typed Irene's name into Google and it took him straight to a page about the Yorkshire Ripper.

anywhere to live and spent the last two weeks of her life virtually homeless. Sometimes she would stay with friends, but at least twice she slept in public toilets.

Puma Beige

He decided to trace his birth mother several years ago when he and his wife were trying to conceive, saying: "My initial motivation was on medical grounds. I went to the adoption register first.

PETER SUTCLIFFE brought terror to the streets of Northern England in the 70s and early 80s brutally murdering 13 women. His mission, he insisted, was to clear the streets of prostitutes. He

Puma Beige

Puma Beige

Irene's legacy is more than just being a victim of the Yorkshire Ripper. After contacting the daughter of her former neighbour, when she lived in Blackpool, he is gradually

Then a friend suggested contacting children's services in St Helens, who said leave it with them and they would see what they could find.

Geoff Beattie knows Irene had been working as a cleaner at the YMCA in Leeds but her boyfriend collected her wages. The police believe she never got this money. Subsequently she didn't have

was given multiple 20 sentences in 1981 and told he would never leave prison.

discovering more about her life.

Puma Beige

Through his association with Mr McCann and a subsequent article in the Sun, his other two sisters got in touch.

Geoff dug deeper into her background and got in touch with Richard McCann, the son of Sutcliffe's first victim, Wilma McCann. They have became good friends.

Mum walked into the night and into the clutches of The Ripper From St Helens Star

Peter Sutcliffe. Those labels have stuck to her. But in the end, that was my mum."

She's dead.

However there remains an ongoing battle to fully Puma Beige come to terms with what happened. He continued: "I was only seven when she died and was watching Swap Shop, not the news, so I didn't know anything

"It was sad and I questioned whether he was my dad. But I left it alone then."

meet her. And that is quite difficult to come to terms with. It's meant I want to find out

"They gave me a file with more information and told me that she was murdered."

"There was so much more to mum's life. Now instead of thinking about the black and white pictures and the police record, there's more I want to find out. Now I'm trying to get in touch with more

Puma Beige

Puma Beige

Breakfast Cafe for local street homeless and drug and alcohol recovery.

Puma Beige

Geoff volunteers in the kitchen at Sure Start St Helens and the Hope Centre on Church Street where he helps with the Puma High Top Sneakers 2018

about it. It was one of those things that everyone knows about and I felt as If I'd been kept in the dark."

"A few months later they got back in touch and said they had found something and could I come down to the office? They said it's not good news. We've found your mum, but she's not around anymore.

Puma Beige

Geoff, who is a web designer and runs a stall at the Mega Mart in Dentons Green, said his wife Helen has been a constant source of support and help: "She's been fantastic! Helen has backed my

Puma Beige

"There is a sense of closure to a point. In one respect I've come to a dead end, because I know I can't Puma Shoes For Women Black And Gold

decision all the time."

Puma Beige

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