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she is in heaven now. Her friends responded, telling her to rest in peace and thanking her for leaving her son behind and taking some comfort in the idea that she is with some people she loved.

Murder victim Kelly Goforth had family connections to Regina gang

Kelly Goforth Puma Shoes Black Women was no stranger to death, violence and grief but she also had hope and love in her life before she was found dead in a back alley in Regina.

Puma Shoes Black Women

status was updated to "engaged" in March 2012. She was excited about moving to a new house in a neighbourhood she considered safer for her son.

Two years later her profile page took a turn for the better she was posting ultrasound and pregnancy photos and talking about how excited she was to become a parent. Like so many new mothers her page is still covered in proud photos of her one year old son. Her relationship Puma Trainers Sale

Puma Shoes Black Women

Puma Shoes Black Women

Screengrab of facebook message posted by family before Kelly Goforth Wolfe was found dead. Facebook

Puma Shoes Black Women

Puma Shoes Black Women

would be good for her son.

Overnight on Thursday someone posted a message on her profile page saying Puma Shoes Blue And Black

Just four months ago the man she was engaged to also died. She wrote a lot about her grief and anger at him for leaving her alone.

Puma Shoes Black Women

Puma Shoes Black Women

On Sept. 13 she wrote about plans to move to Vancouver to pursue modelling with the idea that it Puma Red Bull Shoes

Goforth, who also goes by the last name Wolfe on her Facebook page has an open profile which is painting a picture of her life before she was murdered. She lists Danny Wolfe as her brother, the same man who is believed to have started the Indian Posse gang in Regina as a teenager. He was stabbed to death in prison in January 2010 while serving time for murder.

Puma Shoes Black Women

Puma Shoes Black Women

Puma Shoes Black Women

In the months after he died she wrote about how much she missed him, saying she would never forget and she didn't the last post about him is dated September.

Puma Shoes Black Women

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