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still not ready yet.

I thought we were trying to get more green theese days. Getting things to last longer and not just use and throw all the time. Regardless of device, any phone meeting the basic HW criteria of the newest OS version, should be able to install it.

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Just look at Krait dual core and Intel single core, still matching the quads. Higher number of cores does not automatically give higher power output. And even if you make a quad core far beyond those Exynos, you won't be able to get the max out of them until maybe a 2 years from now, then your GPU will be outdated, and most likely also your (official) android version, hence still not optimized for quad core.

For gaming I wish Android was more like Windows actually. As long as you have enough power, you can play the game. Unfortunately, Android isn't there, at all. If gaming is what you're after, get a Tegra powered phone/tablet. If not, than there's so many options, and their all powerful enough to run other application and non heavy gaming applications, if the architecture and android version is supported.

Though it may seem so, I'm not all Puma Driving Shoes Blue

Besides, any of the others offering anything at all to compete with Motorola features such as Webtop, MotoCast and SmartActions? Some trying, but Puma Rose Gold

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Just like gaming compatibility is a bit silly on Android, so is version availability. Sure, apple has a much easier job as they only have a phone or two/three generations of it to care about but still it should be possible for all droids to receive the newest version without having to go through HW manufacturer and/or carrier. Just WP.

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Even Intel agrees on the fact that Android just isn't prepared for quad cores. This far, only a few Tegra 3 games programmed towards tegra platform requires and can fully utilize quad core. However a dual core can output just as much power, GFLOPS and so on, as todays quad cores. My thinking leads me to belive that much more powerful Puma Shoes For Men High Top quad cores will be very intersting in perhaps two years from now. When Android is hopefully optimised for it, ad there's much more power in each core than in Tegra 3 and Exynos now.

Over to something much more important IMHO.

Motorola ATRIX HD for AT becomes official

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

We should have the HW manufacturer's and/or carrier's launcher, widgets and applications available through Play, as well OTA when available to carrier/HW specefic phones.

> In reply to [deleted post]I read is his post and funny enough you seem like the trolling one. I agree with him. If you disagree then please elaborate instead of troll posting.

that version crazed, but some apps are. Suddenly some apps no longer support your device, even though it is fully possible to run it HW wise. Pretty pointless. I'm pretty sure that in about 2 (perhaps 3) years from now, some very basic apps will not support any device running Gingerbread and ICS, even though they are dual or quad cores running 1 GB RAM and qHD or higher display simply because of their OS version. For the newest and most power hungry games, It's understandable to upgrade once a year, but not for general use and casual gaming.

Main point: Focusing all on CPU/GPU, rather then what the phone ACTUALLY can do overall, is pointless. Take the SII, everyone boasting of the Mali, but there wasn't a single thing that low res phone could run which the Atrix couldn't run, even at a higher resolution. Then sammy ruined it in their ICS update, almost forcing people to buy new phone or downgrade to gingerbread again.

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

so much more to go on, but the core war has started, and just like the MP war, many are getting duped.

Android has just started catching up with dual cores, improved support in ICS and Jellybean. There's Shoes Puma For Man

Puma Shoes For Men High Top

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