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Puma Red Sneakers

Motorola MILESTONE to finally get to taste Froyo

mean any custom hacked ROMs but an official update that, according to O2 Germany, is on its way and should to arrive Puma Ducati Red

Android 2.2 after all. And we don't Puma Match

And then, at the end of July, the company announced that it isn't Puma Red Sneakers clear yet whether there will be an Android 2.2 update at all which not only disappointed all MILESTONE owners but all the Moto fans out there.

Puma Red Sneakers

Puma Red Sneakers

Puma Red Sneakers

sometime in the middle or at the end of September.

Puma Red Sneakers

Puma Red Sneakers

After all, since its release (less than a year ago) the device has always been falsely advertised as featuring a Flash capable web browser. The Adobe Flash Player 10.1, however, only works on devices running Android 2.2.

Anyway, what really counts is that we finally have the promise for a Froyo treatment. And according to O2 Germany this should become available by the middle slash end of September 2010. We're only sorry that the good news doesn't come Puma Clyde Atmos

Puma Red Sneakers

The Motorola MILESTONE first packed the Android 2.0 and the Android 2.1 came several months later. A handful bugs left after the update were only fixed a couple of weeks ago.

from Motorola itself.

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