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Puma Release 2017

(I decided) that we commit to the quality. I want to have a conversation. And I want to take risks and I want to be real quiet at times . We going to bring Raining Jane along because that who helped write it and record it and I couldn go and play this album with anybody else.

So the new music suits smaller venues?

Puma Release 2017

Why call the album Yes!?

Absolutely. I glad if any song takes on a life of its own. Although we have been pretty good about not letting certain brands use (my songs). Like I never done an alcoholic beverage ad. If it a car or a product, they have to have a very high level of sort of green initiative so I have been a little choosy. But when it love no problem.

Puma Release 2017

Puma Release 2017

You definitely can feel the gratitude for having crossed the border. Yeah, you can. You still get some people that are like, come to Saskatchewan. Or come to Edmonton. And unfortunately, we not playing every city. There still some talk about covering some more markets in 2015 because we think the record will still be likeable next year and people may want to see it and because I asked to play smaller venues that does leave a lot of people still wanting to see the show.

Mraz gets agreeable with new album

It probably started with my best friend in high school. He came out in my senior year. And to me, I was like, that brave. He had just started college but I was still in high school. But still, we were in our small town that wasn the thing that you did in Mechanicsville, Va., so that was the first time I ever thought, you need to do something in the world that makes it easier for my friend. There be some sort of social responsibility that just levels the playing field for all mankind. Puma Roma On Feet

what we doing. I didn expect it to become a main event and have my name on it. I thought it would be like a side project we do together, sneak it in. But once we made it and we had the support of the label we realized I got this opportunity with my previous successes to really get it out there.

Well, it goes all the way back to me saying when I first saw the girls perform. Like and inviting them and them saying, The years of saying to the idea that we can write great songs and they matter Puma Navy El Ace 2

Puma Release 2017

How would you describe the slow build up to releasing an album with Raining Jane?

Puma Release 2017

And then through the years, my music taking me around the world and having my eyes opened to homelessness or modern day slavery to the extreme and then to just general consumption, pollution, that sort of thing, well I thought, here I am. I got this microphone. I got these cameras. Maybe I can ad a little bit of social responsibility to my work. you have a sense of your Canadian fanbase?

and they make a difference. And to our manager and our label saying to the idea. To our producer Mike Mogis for getting on board and saying It was a dream come true. So looking back, after the record was done, even in our collaborative experience, saying always got us to the next verse. That we decided to celebrate our first record together, or my first acoustic album, or the quality of this record. It was a victory for us and I just felt that was a perfect fit. It the mother of all positive words. When you say yes, something going to be born into the world.

We caught up with Mraz in Toronto recently to talk the power of saying yes, working with women, and his longtime social activism.

It a good one. It been about three years. a favourite first dance song?

They inspired me through their work ethic and through their musicianship so we thought, of these days we put an album out together so fans can hear Puma Shoes Women

And you seen the Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man and know it can go horribly wrong?

was the best and it still the best, he said of working with an all girl band.

It can go wrong and I said yes many times to things that, months later, it coming up and you like, man I wish I hadn said yes to that. I so don want to go. I do say yes a lot.

Puma Release 2017

You sound like a man in great relationship on Yes! Am I reading that correctly?

Puma Release 2017

Puma Release 2017

following its mid July release.

Puma Release 2017

were both booked at a college eight years ago, said Mraz, 37. watched them, they were one of the many bands playing that day, and I Puma Release 2017 said, These girls are killing it. And so after their set I said, I Jason, would you ever like to get together and write or jam or anything? And they said, forward to a few months later and they starting writing songs together and, as Mraz puts it: new sound was born. of their first collaborative tunes, A Beautiful Mess, ended up on Mraz third album, 2008 We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. which spawned I Yours but they kept on working together a couple of times a year on weekends until Yes! finally came to fruition.

When did your social activism first come into play?

Puma Release 2017

Puma Release 2017

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