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Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

often felt a wish to support the charity as I know some Macmillan nurses and I lost my grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousin to cancer so I felt a strong compulsion to raise money this way. I also have Puma Light Up Shoes

Luckily for me the operation was Puma Shoes Olive Green

My campaign is called 'Upsetting Rosie' after my 11 year old daughter because at first she was horrified at my decision. But now she has seen how it is touching people she has become my campaign manager.

I plan to shave my head Puma Shoes Pink And Blue on August 17 but I am also acting in a play in November so the director is praying my hair grows back a little by then.

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

all it took to get rid of the cancer but it meant my dreams to join the RAF stopped and instead I ended up moving from Cheltenham to Norfolk.

Mum is happy to upset daughter Rosie in order to support others

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

I was at the final stages of my application for officer training with the RAF. It was during the fitness test when it was discovered. It was my last chance at joining because I was at the upper age limit and I was going to work in reconnaissance and thermal imaging.

The friend I am doing this in support of told me he was 'humbled' by what I was doing but compared to his ongoing journey this is nothing.

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

I have Puma High Tops Women

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

Since then I have wanted to help others by raising money.

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

had a close friend and their family go through the cancer journey and know how vital the support Macmillan provides is.

I have had some strange thoughts since agreeing to do this, like 'where do I stop when applying my foundation?'. For clarity, I am not just going for stubble, I am really going bald as it is the least I can do.

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

On the spur of the moment earlier this month, I felt inspired to shave my head for Macmillan Cancer Support.

I felt that there were lots of fundraising bike rides, runs, walks and my family as a whole support many of these. I have also helped with many charity fundraising events but realised quickly that a head shave particularly for a woman was much more dramatic.

Puma Shoes Pink And Blue

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