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it's not about telling them what to do . so they can make wiser choices when it comes to Puma For Ladies the kinds of foods that they want to purchase for the kids, for example," McGuinty said.

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"The menu items will still be the same, the price will still be the same, the items will still be accessible and available, but you will have more knowledge." she said.

Bran muffin or Boston cream doughnut? The lower calorie choice isn't as obvious as it should be, says NDP MPP France Gelinas.

Brandy Giannetta, spokesman for the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association, said the format in which nutrition information is provided should be left up to individual businesses.

Her bill, Healthy Decisions for Healthy Eating, has received support from many public health minded groups, including the Centre for Science in the Public Interest, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and the Ontario Medical Association.

She said the industry prefers to provide full nutritional information both online and in store.

for that matter doesn't really provide adequate nutrition information, which is required for customers to make that fully informed decision," Giannetta said. "If you order a small white milk, you're getting 90 calories. If you order a diet soda, there's zero calories in that."

"Calories or sodium alone or any other information on its own, Puma Light Blue Shoes

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MPP wants calorie counts on restaurant menus

The legislation would also Puma Ducati Red

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Puma For Ladies

Puma For Ladies

"It's about, I think, better informing families Puma High Ankle Shoes Bmw

Puma For Ladies

Puma For Ladies

Premier Dalton McGuinty said he'll listen with interest to the debate.

The bill would apply only to restaurant chains that have a minimum of five outlets in Ontario and annual earnings of at least $5 million.

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mandate that restaurant items with high sodium content be flagged on the menu.

The NDP member for Nickel Belt is introducing a bill that would force chain restaurants to post the calorie count of their food items right on menus or menu boards.

"If you are on a diet where you have to limit your sodium intake, there would be no way of knowing just by looking at them," she said.

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