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Puma R698 Grey

An AA survey of over 13,000 Irish motorists shows that over 60 per cent of drivers would change their route to avoid a new toll, if one were applied.

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Puma R698 Grey

The AA has never been in favour Puma Clyde Nyc

Puma R698 Grey

of tolls on Irish roads because of the diversion effect. This has been borne out by the experience of places like Fermoy, Drogheda and Kinnegad Puma Orange And Blue

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Motorists would change route to avoid new tolls

The addition of new tolls on routes around the country would cause extensive traffic congestion on alternative roads as motorists switch to escape the levy, Puma Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

according to the AA.

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Puma R698 Grey

Puma R698 Grey

where large volumes of traffic still drive through the towns despite the existence of multi million euro by passes. This congestion is a significant cost to local businesses and communities.

to the billion that we pay in fuel taxes it is relatively small money, says Faughnan.

goes against all common sense to put a toll on a by pass. You don find it anywhere else in the world. its apparent attractiveness as a revenue raising measure, tolls are not in fact as lucrative as they Puma R698 Grey seem. For example, the M50 toll raises million per year but it also costs over million to run the enormously complicated collection system money that the AA says is pure waste.

cause traffic to divert. This is a simple fact of life that neither the government nor the NRA can ignore, says Director of Policy, Conor Faughnan.

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Puma R698 Grey

fact just a couple of cents of excise duty on petrol and diesel raises more money than every toll in the country combined. Considering the collateral damage that they cause, tolls just aren worth it.

Puma R698 Grey

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