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Puma Dark Green Shoes

Puma Dark Green Shoes

"It is not our intention to mistreat or damage the Canadian flag, only to show it respect by keeping the flag at full mast as much as possible. Our mourning flag is replaced with our usual high quality, in good repair Canadian flag after the appropriate mourning period," Hobart said.

when a Canadian soldier is killed, whether it be in theatre overseas, or training in Canada, Dr. Richard Hobart has been flying a custom flag he designed which resembles the Canadian flag but with one red band and one black.

"Some people have come in and when we gave them the sheet with the explanation, they didn't even read it. They just crumpled it up right away and threw it back," he said.

band caus

"Let's just say it is something that is important to me based on historical protocol, very historical protocol," he said.

half mast.

Puma Dark Green Shoes

All feature the black band.

His idea was to convert these black horizontal ribbons to a single vertical black band on the side of the flag.

In the past few years, vexillology (scholarly study of flags) has become a hobby for Hobart and he Puma Shoes For Boys

Puma Dark Green Shoes

He said that while some people have said what he is doing is a Puma Dark Green Shoes good idea, others have been unwilling to even listen to his reasoning for the mourning band.

Hobart said he will continue to fly the mourning flag when necessary although it is his hope that no other Canadian soldiers will be killed in action or in training.

Hobart argues 'no' based on the definition of desecration from the Dictionary of Vexillology which defines desecration as "To maliciously damage or mistreat a flag for political or other motives, or to use a flag in a way that is considered disrespectful or inappropriate".

Addressing the issue of a flag that, although based on the Canadian flag, is different, he said simply ". . . once you change something. . . anything else is not the Canadian flag. "

"I did a lot of research into this before I did it," Hobart said.

He said in Canada, flags for mourning are flown at half mast, a tradition practised in many other countries, as a collective sign of sorrow.

Mourning Canadian flag with one black Puma Ducati Shoes White

According to Hobart, military protocol allows the use of a black crepe band placed around the upper left sleeve of the uniform for military funerals or personal bereavement.

Puma Dark Green Shoes

Puma Dark Green Shoes

He added that in some cases, people are keeping the flag at half mast too long, putting it back up months after the death of a soldier.

discovered many examples of mourning flags including fire and police mourning flags in the United States and a Japanese mourning flag.

The reception to his initiative has been mixed.

Some people, he said, have been downright rude.

Puma Dark Green Shoes

Charles Drouin, a spokesman for Canadian Heritage, said the flag is a symbol of honour and pride and it should be treated with respect.

Puma Dark Green Shoes

Hobart also said it is the Pembroke Animal Hospital's policy to promptly replace its Canadian flags when they are faded or frayed. He added that retired flags from the animal hospital are cremated. "It is far more disrespectful to fly a faded, and torn flag," he said.

"The big reason for doing something different is I believe there is too much half masting. Historically, the flag was only brought to half mast for the loss of a country's leader," Hobart said.

Puma Dark Green Shoes

Puma Dark Green Shoes

Renfrew Nipissing Pembroke MP Cheryl Gallant said she understood that the Pembroke Animal Hospital meant no disrespect to the Canadian flag but added she felt it was not appropriate to change the flag in any way regardless of the intentions of the individual flying the flag, stated or otherwise.

Some people have questioned the mourning bands feeling changing the flag is desecration.

Len westerberg, a media relations officer with Heritage Canada said that flag protocols are recommendations and not law.

"The proper way to honour those soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in service to their country for the flag they proudly wore on their uniforms wherever they were serving their nation, is to fly our national flag as it was designed by its makers," she said.

Puma Dark Green Shoes

Canadian Heritage maintains Canada's flag protocol which contains a very detailed list of recommendations for how to properly treat the Canadian flag as well as how and when it is appropriate to fly it at Puma Olive Shoes

A gesture of respect for Canada's war dead has turned into a bit of a flag flap in Pembroke's east end.

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