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Court security officers, who have wands for secondary searches, check every purse and bag.

The three men are charged with first degree murder in Hallam's Jan. 7 8, 2011 death during what police say was a house party Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

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Everybody coming into the courtroom must pass through an airport type scanner and remove items from their pockets.

Murder accused complains about courtroom security

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A publication ban prohibits reporting any evidence.

Mearow was referring to people sitting on the side of the courtroom, where he and co accused Ronald Mitchell and Dylan Jocko are sitting in a prisoner's box.

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Six of the city police tactical unit officers are stationed in the courtroom, two of whom flank the prisoner's box.

Since the preliminary inquiry began Monday, Ontario Court Justice Kristine Bignell has heard testimony from one witness called by the Crown.

of the two days, Mearow, 27, clad in a black hoodie, has sat in the prisoner's box rocking his chair, stroking his goatee, and sometimes smirking or smiling at the witness.

on Landslide Road.

Members of Hallam's family, their friends and supporters are on the other side Puma Sneakers Pink of the large, second floor courtroom.

at 30 Wellington St. E.

The 29 year old man's decapitated and dismembered remains were found three days later Puma Shoes Maroon

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One of the accused in the Wesley Hallam murder and dismemberment preliminary hearing complained Tuesday about the security at the Sault Ste. Marie courtroom.

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The trio also are charged with being a party to indecently interfering with Hallam's remains and dismembering his body.

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