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Puma Match Black

Puma Match Black

Moxey highlights

I know from personal experience (well my brother at least) what level of dedication is required to play at even semi pro level. It requires enormous dedication and committment and professionalism to make it to Championship level.

"We have got to make sure the players know how to deal with it, which is part of Mick's job."By and large the fans have been brilliant, they buy the shirts and turn up in their thousands, they support us fantastically and they let us know when Puma Match Black they're unhappy."But I want our fans to understand, Puma Shoes All Models

Puma Match Black

The stick given out at Molineux is by no means over the top. What is dished out in pubs and on message boards is a different thing but thats what these forums are for!!

Puma Match Black

The fat controller is getting his excuses in already. He doesn want us in the Premiership as he and Mad Mick couldn stand the Puma Sports Shoes Price

For McCarthy, all criticism was personal, never professional. His World Cup Diary is full of pot shots at every single journalist who ever slighted him answering all the perceived criticisms of his team with various incomprehensible ideas and always talking about the team spirit he engendered. This involved allowing people to go to the pub and get excessively drunk as several members of the Irish squad on several occasions during the World Cup did. There was no mention of the story Tony Cascarino told about him cowering in the corridor of the airport hotel as Gary Breen mates and Roy Keane got involved in some handbags late one night."

We neeed a manager with high calibre tactical, decision making and man management skills. Paul Inch. He be here within the next 2 seasons.

MM has one more season if no promotion he gets the sack. If we get promotion we require more intelligence in a manager so he goes then anyway.

The McCarthy factor from an Irish journalist before he got the Sunderland job."And there are several instances of McCarthy biggest failing: his loyalty to certain players, which resulted in remarkable selection policies. Kevin Kilbane started every game in the World Cup 2002 programme. In the wake of possibly his worst season for Leeds United, Gary Kelly went out to represent Ireland in the World Cup while Steve Finnan, after a remarkable season for Fulham, was sidelined. Steven Reid, who came on in the second half of that game and displayed a level of brio that a moribund team could only hope for, wasn supposed to go to the World Cup. Instead Mark Kennedy, who has done a spot of baby sitting for McCarthy from time to time, got the nod, despite not being fit. Thankfully the doctors over ruled Mick the physician.

Puma Match Black

will need to be be recruited.

It not hard to get a team out of the Championship, even the Tesco can do it! You just have to do the sensible things and stay consistent. McCarthy just makes it up as he goes along, and there is no plan or consistency with anything he does.

Puma Match Black

Puma Match Black

But he would never keep us up there. Sunderland proves that That when Inchy Puma Sneakers Orange

There is no "Wolves factor", this is just another bit of Moxey spin. He ended the short lesson.

30. No, I only been to Molinspew once this season and that was the BCD, when of course you got behind your lads very well. However, from the reports I get from several Dingle mates, the atmosphere at most games is very negative when things aren going your way.

You cant blame fans of other teams thinking we are the worst fans in the land when the bleedin Manager and Chief Exec of the club publically state what a disgrace we apparently are!! what would they prefer? 10 crowds who sit in silence??Silly boy! We have been in transition for over 20 years! Just listen to the grown ups and learn.

Puma Match Black

there is something dealing with us that's not unique, but is a tangible factor we need to think about."Our fans understand where we are in our evolution and we're expecting them to be 100 per cent behind us again next year."What I want to see us doing is us turning Molineux into a real advantage for us."

Puma Match Black

23. I totally agree, and I don condone the abuse Dean got in any way. Even though I think he totally useless.

Proffesionalism should include being able to ride through the comments of the mindless, however human nature being what it is, we all, if only sub conciously, react positively to encouragement and negatively to abuse.

43) Quite a few times this season you have been booed off the pitch. So it is not just a Wolves thing. We are hard to please in the West Midlands.

Must admit Wednesbury_albion is right. Its totally unacceptable to abuse your teams players in my view, during a game.

Puma Match Black

I been to plenty of away grounds where the abuse aimed at players makes the Molineux look like a kids playground!!

As I say, Albion aren saints, but stop burying your heads in the sand lads you lot are the most fickle set of supporters in the land. Including the Villa!

Its a no brainer. Unfortunately theres not a lot of brain activity in evidence amongst a significant minority at Molineux on match days.

MM now a manager. He may get us into the top flight if Morgan spends the promised lolly and MM plays the young guns instead of loaning them out.

I really think it's about time you all stop having a dig at Wolves, now are you fans or not? It seems that a large majority of you aren't all I ever hear is rubbish this rubbish that. If you want glory supports united or even go and support Tesco. Wolves are in their transition state and the sooner you understand the better. Let MM do his job, let him buy new players, I bet you sad lot will up his a!?% when we start wining matches, you need to understand we have inexperienced players who are learning the division week by week.

heat at that level. So they be packing their kit bags.

Or even earlier when MM gets the sack if he has the same next season as this discgraceful one. Why not bite the bullet now and go for Paul straight away?

As a manager, McCarthy made a point of being mates with his older players and as a result he found it impossible to drop them. Jason McAteer started several more games than a player of his limited talents could have hoped for. He picked Kelly for that first World Cup game because he been "great off the pitch". Did he make you laugh, Mick? Or was it because he rallied the troops to give you a round of applause when you sent Roy Keane home?

Puma Match Black

Puma Match Black

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