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As investigations into witchcraft reach their highest pitch, a young woman points a condemning finger at Elizabeth, the blameless wife of John Proctor. But Proctor finds he cannot save her without unearthing his own black sin.

Incredibly, 10 years have passed since their first triumphant production of Victor Hugo Les Miserables and the Student Players are going from strength to strength.

In 2003, a group of talented youngsters from the Mullingar area were assembled by centre director Sean Lynch. The group collectively became known as the Mullingar Student Players.

Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible at the height of the McCarthyist witch hunts, but as the decades roll on it has emerged as a timeless classic the notions of and burning as fervently today as when it was written.

Mullingar Student Players set to bring witch hunting to Mullingar

Now in their tenth year after the incredible success of Puma Trainers With Ribbon

Puma Pink And Grey

Puma Pink And Grey

Puma Pink And Grey

A dark magic possesses the Massachusetts town of Salem. The God fearing citizens are on their guard no one is beyond Shoes Puma 2017

Puma Pink And Grey

Puma Pink And Grey

The Crucible will be running in the Mullingar Arts Centre from September 12 14. Tickets for the not to be missed production are and are available from the Mullingar Arts Centre by phoning (044 ) 9347777.

In less than a week time the Mullingar Student Players go back in time to the 1690s to bring Arthur Miller The Crucible to life.

Puma Pink And Grey

suspicion, indeed even the Puma Blue And Yellow Shoes

meekest neighbour could be consorting with the Devil.

Puma Pink And Grey

Puma Pink And Grey

Puma Pink And Grey

Mullingar has always been a haven for theatre and the arts and now the younger generation is keeping that tradition alive with their vibrancy and enthusiasm while delighting the viewing public in the process. They really must be adding something other than fluoride to the waters of Mullingar!

April unparalleled Miss Saigon, the Mullingar Student Players will proudly present their take on Arthur Miller The Crucible, directed by Sean Lynch and assistant director Maeve Charles.

Daniel Egerton will be playing John Proctor, a role made famous by Daniel Day Lewis in the 1996 film adaptation. The Crucible is also Daniel last performance before he starts at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama after obtaining a scholarship from Andrew Lloyd Webber to cover his three year college fees in London. Elizabeth Proctor will be played by Orla Tuberty, Reverend Parris will be played by Billy Puma Pink And Grey Gilleran, Tituba will be played by Lauren Tynan, and Abigail Williams will be played by Jennifer Keating. Other cast members include Shane Bardon, Ben Thompson, Clelia Rossi, and Rachel Thompson.

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Puma Pink And Grey

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