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Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Firefighters from a number of communities were called to Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart Granite Street in Northfield to battle a house fire Thursday night. They were later located safe outside the home.

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

things in there, the burn patterns."

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Multiple Crews Battle Northfield House Fire

"They were in the process of using what I call a space heater, an electric heater, so that's one thing we definitely will look at," said John Southwell of the fire marshal's office.

Friday morning, the homeowner, identified as Ronald Martin, was back at the home as investigators began their search for a cause.

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

tin panels are down. There's a lot of debris that has to be moved before we start to analyze the different Puma Lightweight Sneakers

Southwell said it could take some time to determine the cause.

"There's a lot of debris," he said. "The interior had a tin roof, so all the Puma Sneakers Shoes For Girls

to retreat.

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

"There was some urgency to try to get in the building and we weren't able to do that, so fortunately it did work out to everybody's best interest," said Tilton Northfield Fire Chief Brad Ober.

Investigators said a witness told them the fire appeared to start in the area of the first floor window. The home's heating system had also been turned off.

"There was real heavy smoke coming out of the chimney," said neighbor Robin D'Agostino. "I got up and by that time, there was orange on the back side of the house and flames coming out the door."

Emergency crews called for a second alarm to help search the home and fight the fire. Firefighters only made it a few steps inside the house before they saw that the staircase was already burned away and had Puma White Casual Shoes

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

Puma Canvas Shoes Flipkart

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