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The movement to twin Highway's 39 and 6 between Regina and Estevan continues to grow.

twin the highways.

Movement to twin Hwys 39 6 grows with flowers

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Puma Orange Sneakers

Puma Orange Sneakers

Puma Orange Sneakers

Puma Orange Sneakers

Puma Orange Sneakers

"When you talk to people around the Estevan area for sure, everyone knows somebody who has lost somebody," she said.

joins a number of people, including the Time to Twin Committee, who have been lobbying the province for the construction. Increased population and an industrial boom in the province's southeast corner has caused traffic congestion recently, according to Fitzsimmons. She said there's a constant line of semis going to and from the oilfield or to the Boundary Dam carbon capture project, not to mention the general daily traffic. All this has led to a number of deaths that Fitzsimmons claims the provincial government has underestimated.

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"There's enough money Puma Orange Sneakers that has come in from the southeast corner that we're asking and we've been asking for a long time here to give us a good highway."

Puma Orange Sneakers

On Sunday Beinfait resident Jackie Fitzsimmons drove the route, taking photos of close to 100 flowered monuments that had been put up over the previous week. It was all part of a project she started called Heaven's Flowered Highway a call on the provincial government to Puma Shoes For Boys High Tops

"The crosses, the memorials, the tributes along the side of the highway are justit's heartbreaking," she said. "It's pretty emotional when you put the faces and familieswhen you put them with the crosses and the flowers, it's Puma Sneakers For Ladies

pretty realistic a sad reality."

Fitzsimmons invited Brad Wall to come for a drive with her along the highway to see not only how busy it is but also the flowers that now lay along the side of the road as a symbol of the number of deaths that have occurred.

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