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Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

It's a perennial problem for Richardson, who is careful to emphasize the annual fundraising event for the Canadian Lung Association and Sault Athletics Track Club is a run, not a race.

"It's a little frustrating, that a lot of people are nervous to come out. They think they're not good enough to enter. But this is something that's only good for them."

Having said that, he declared himself "very pleased with how many people showed up, considering the weather."

However, Richardson suspected it also served to discourage the more casual would be participant. "What it does is, those fair weather runners, recreational runners are going to look out the window and say, 'Hmm, I don't think so.'"

Last year it was to Brent McMillan, who opted to do the 5 K this year and finished first. Sean Vardy was another familiar face, again leading the 10 K pack.

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

He now plans to take on the running portion of the St. Joseph Island Triathlon in August.

how the weather was much more preferable than a blisteringly hot, Puma Tennis Shoes 2017 sunny day.

They ranged in age from 13 to 72, walking or running five or 10 kilometres or a half marathon (21.1 km).

Family physician Dr. Michael Keating also came for the people. "This kind of motivates you, the social aspect, everybody cheering you on, because running is often you alone or with just another person," said Keating, who literally started running just 10 days earlier because of a lingering ankle injury.

had never participated in a race before, "because I do a lot of other stuff like biking and swimming."

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Mudge finally wins Great Lakes

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Although his time of 1.17.25 in the half marathon was Puma Grey

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Under a constant drizzle and negotiating puddles along the waterfront Sunday morning, more than one was heard to remark about Puma Silver High Tops

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

not a personal best, first place finisher Nathan Mudge did achieve something he never did before. "I never won before. Usually I'm lucky enough to finish second or so," said Mudge, who did in fact finish second the last two years.

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

For many, just completing the run set a personal benchmark. Nephrologist Dr. Mir Shafiee Puma Alexander Mcqueen

"I shaved five minutes off my time."

A member of the track club, the 32 year old Mudge has already participated in two other marathons this year, one in Sudbury in May and the prestigious Boston Marathon in April. Still, the Sault native has a special place in his heart for the Run the Great Lakes event.

Shafiee, who arrived in the Sault in July 2008, finds the athletic community here "very good. There's a lot of support for local athletes."

Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

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