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Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

Then the cold temperatures set in over the prairies for weeks on end. Hallman explained that when temperatures drop below 30 C, rail lines have to run shorter trains to ensure that the brakes work properly. He says adding more locomotives clogs the system.

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Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

"The fact is that no supply chain can realistically be geared to handle so much product with so little lead time," he told News Talk Radio in an interview Tuesday.

Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

People involved in the industry, from farmers to the province's economy minister, have said CN and CP Rail could be doing more to move this year's record crop to market. Delayed shipments of grain could wind up costing farmers tens of millions of dollars in demurrage payments and the delay or loss of income they're facing could hamper Puma Sneakers Men 2017

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While many may be looking to lay blame for Canada's serious grain backlog at the feet of the two big rail companies a CN Rail spokesperson insists the company is doing all it can.

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"When you run more trains to handle the same volume you congest the system, you use up more manpower, more locomotives and essentially what the weather does here is it significantly reduces the velocity of our operations," Hallman said.

the growing season ahead as well.

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But Mark Hallman, director of communications with CN Rail, insists the company can only do so much in the short term. He says imposing penalties on railways won't change the reality that the weather, combined with a crop that was almost Puma Camouflage Sneakers

system significantly.

Last year Hallman said CN Rail added 44 new locomotives and 37 used locomotives to the fleet.

20 million tonnes bigger than the average yield, has slowed the Puma Shoes Black And Orange

"We have another 500 hopper cars coming on stream and we're lining up the crews that we're going to require and the locomotives to spot as many as 5,500 cars per week," he said.

For example, last week CN Rail spotted around 3,000 grain hopper cars at country elevators. But Hallman says they are on track to get back to a normal winter performance.

moving as much grain as possible

He pointed out that during the post harvest period up to December, CN Rail was hauling more grain than the average.

Canadian Pacific Railway declined News Talk Radio's request for an interview to discuss this issue. A spokesman said the company will provide an update on their position later this week.

"We're looking this year to acquire Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue a further 45 new locomotives to be able to handle growing business, and it's not just simply for grain but for all the commodities," Hallman said. "You just don't turn the switch to get your cars available and your locomotives and your crews. It takes planning."

Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

"(We saw) 10 per cent greater unloads at west coast ports than the five year average and at Prince Rupert it was 22 per cent higher," he said.

Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

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