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Puma Casual Shoes For Men

Puma Casual Shoes For Men

Puma Casual Shoes For Men

"For instance the Green Energy Act, Ontario is the highest of the high for hydro rates and that's only going to get worse. It's hard to attract people and business here if we're the highest of the high."

"Many of these issues could be averted if we were more responsbile with our money and knew where big money was actually going," he said.

While McDonell, a first term Progressive Conservative, has no problem accepting a wage freeze for the good of the province, he said "you really have to wonder about its intent."

Liberal MPP for Glengarry Prescott Russell Grant Crack could not be reached for comment.

Puma Casual Shoes For Men

Puma Casual Shoes For Men

"We've supported wage freezes and we Puma Mens Shoes No Laces

McDonell said he understands how some Ontarians must feel about being asked to accept a wage freeze if Ontario's Liberals say they will too, but don't.

think the public sector is an example. The private sector has given up alot and hasn't seen wage Puma Women

"It'll be a challenge," he added.

"Before he did it (the wage freeze), he made all of his members' parliamentary assistants. He's given much more than this money will save in the form of wage increases to his own party."

increases in many years and it's something we've got to do to get the province back on track."

McDonell said the challenge will be to get Ontario's public sector to recognize the issues and problems plaguing the province.

"McGuinty increased his own party's wages by about $17,000. It doesn't seem very truthful to say 'we're doing this,' when they're really not."

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"We need private sector jobs to maintain public sector jobs and the private sector, in particular, has give up quite alot. They haven't seen wage increases in a number of years."

Puma Casual Shoes For Men

Other PC MPPs are fine with a wage freeze and McDonell said he knows the public sector (inclduing physicians, teachers) must soon follow suit.

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario President Sam Hammond was unavailabe to hold interviews "for the next few days," according to an ETFO representative.


Puma Casual Shoes For Men

"They've almost worked out a way to give their members extra staff, extra income and extra people but it's all legal so there's nothing we can say about it."

CORNWALL Stormont Dundas South Glengarry MPP Jim McDonell said Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty asking MPPs to "lead by example" and accept a wage freeze is "doublespeak."

Puma Casual Shoes For Men

Of course, McDonell said there likely wouldn't be any problems with a little extra fiscal responsibility.

Puma Casual Shoes For Men

MPP says Liberals wage freeze talk is Puma Mid Top

The freeze would actually be an extension of a wage freeze put in place three years ago.

McDonell said that MPPs and the public sector have been in a position to enjoy substantial salary increases over the last number of years and it's time to "think of the good of the province."

"It's hard to ask someone to take a wage freeze if you're not willing to.

Asked how the province's Puma Casual Shoes For Men physicians would respond to a wage freeze, Ontario Medical Association President Dr. Stewart Kennedy could not comment directly but e mailed the following response"

"It highlights the doublespeak," he added.

"Ontario's doctors have a history of working with the government to address and fix challenges in our health care system. We have made good progress in a number of areas over the past several years, including helping over 2 million more people find a family doctor, finding some $240 million in savings which can be re invested back into the health services that need it the most and increasing after hours care by 40 percent. But when you speak to patients, it's clear there's more work to do. Our priority is to build on the successes we have achieved in recent years, to strengthen Ontario's health care system and to improve access to important services for patients. We look forward to this round of negotiations with government where we can find solutions for the current challenges in the health care system."

"We've been supporting the wage freeze," he added.

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