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of his work.

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Auditors like Hughes are weak and vulnerable when they file auditstheir city councils don't like, Marin said in a Toronto news conference. In this case, Hughes (who took up work begun by his predecessor, Alain Lalonde) reported that city staff did a deal with Orgaworld that forces the city to pay to process more compost than we had any chance of delivering, and there's no evidence to show what they were thinking.

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Vanstone: Rider Nation should cheerGreen, not greed, was the theme of the Weston Dressler contract negotiations. Dressler wanted to remain a Saskatchewan Roughrider, even though he likely could have commanded a higher salary elsewhere.

Last year, they extended Bigger's Puma Latest Shoes

The underlying question is whether Shoes Puma Running we trust the mayors and councillors we elect or not. If we don't, we shouldn't have them. But if we have them, we shouldn't let them be second guessed by a single provincial appointee.

Except for the councils we elect, of course.

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Municipal oversight ombudsman's delight

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The province transfers $3.5 billion a year to municipalities, Marin often points out. "When the municipal government spends the $3.5 billion, plus all the other money it collects," he repeated this week, "it is subject to no oversight."

Ontario Ombudsman Andrv Marin releases his 2013 14 Annual Report outlining public complaints about more than 500 provincial government ministries, corporations, agencies and boards, during a press conference in Toronto on Monday, June, 23, 2014. Marin compared dealing with Hydro One to trying to wrestling a slippery pig. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Michelle Siu

Auditors and ombudsmen are like dentists: they're necessary, they're helpful, and they work best if you don't loathe and dread them.

His last annual report painted mayors worried about his oversight as Chicken Littles terrified of a little supervision. Literally it painted them that way: Marinhired an artist to illustrate the report. Page 14 has a picture of a panickedchicken in a suit coat and a chain of office, fleeing a fallingacorn with the ombudsman's "O" logo on it. Like Marin, it's audacious and cleverand kind of insulting.

towns can't afford them.

Ontario's ombudsman, Andr Marin, worries that the damning report on Ottawa's composting contract its auditor presented this week will cost the auditorhis job. Ontario's Liberals were set to do it in the spring, but the bill died with the election call. The minister now in charge, Deb Matthews, is bringing it back.

"I hope he survives after a report like this," Marin said.

contract. This fall, like all other local politicians, they'll face their voters.

If he'd been in Ottawa to see the councillors receiving Hughes's report, Marin wouldhave seenthe greatest danger Hughes faces is back pain from all the medals councillors want to hang on him (Lalonde should look out for any that come flying in his direction). Mayor Jim Watson praised him and the thoroughness Puma Shoes Casual Men

It's not that there aren't problemsto be uncovered. Ottawa and Sudbury are unusual in having auditors at all, as Marin points out. Small Puma Mcqueen Trainers

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Sudbury's another example. Its auditor, Brian Bigger, has butted heads with both councillors and senior staff, who've been unco operative with his work. Some politicians have scorned his conclusions about where they might save money, taking as personal affronts his ideas about how they might run things better.

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A few pages later, another illustration shows a man from behind, hair croppedshort like Marin's, standing before an ornate city hall surrounded by barbed wire and tank traps. His hands are raised; documents and files burst forthfrom the building's windows. Only Marin has the magical touch.

There's a better model for how this couldwork. A similar system should work for accountability officers like ombudsmen.

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This is the heart of the Marin problem: His actual reports are very careful. You can bank on them. His personal tone is hectoring. How, exactly, is not clear.

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