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Walsall MBC should have thought this scheme through and consulted PROPERLY with drivers and pedestrians before proceeding. Computer modeling is fine but what about the practical realities of wide roads for elderly pedestrians to cross, and poor signage and too many lights from a drivers eye view for example.

the time people have waited at each set of traffic lights, they could have got into town using the old road system much faster.

Office worker Mike Arnold, of Wolverhampton, travels into Walsall daily.

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Puma New York

Puma New York

Motorists incensed by Walsall light frenzy Express Star

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Puma New York

I often wonder if the people who design and plan these "improvements" (i use the term lightly) actually drive themselves and if so Puma New York do they drive through the places they plan to change!

to use this a few Sundays back. Driving my bus towards Walsall town centre along Green Lane i saw green lights showing on a gantry and was about to carry on straight across when i noticed another set just a few feet past them (not on any gantry) SHOWING RED! fortunatly i had no standing passengers otherwise they would have been sent flying. this particular set of lights is an accident waiting to happen!

Well, walsall has always been a nightmare to drive around and now the town planners have made it even worse. The junction at the arboretum is so confusing eventually someone will be killed by this travesty of a design.

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John (No:6)

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Computer models? Maximum efficiency?

He also highlighted the cost of traffic light, at 50,000 to 60,000 each.

Oh, and not forgetting the delay in completing the project.

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Councillor Ian Robertson said: "By Puma Roma Shoes 2017

I wander how many drivers (some from abroad), trying to find/drive through Walsall (especially using SatNav with pre 2009 software) will be totally confused by ALL of the recent road changes including systems and around the town I dread the next time the M6 is closed somewhere between J7 10 !!!

The obstacle course of lights runs along the popular route from Junction 10 of the M6 to the Arboretum junction, along with a myriad of pedestrian crossings.

Steve Pretty, Walsall Council's head of engineering and transport, added the road had been planned with computer models to test maximum efficiency.

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"April 31st has been given as the latest deadline"!!!

Motorists are battling through dozens of new traffic lights following the overhaul of the road network in Walsall with a shocking 22 sets on just one 1.9 mile stretch.

The comment you made re the lights at the police station. I was one of the first Puma Pink Dolphin


There is loads of faults with the new lights, road layout and traffic flow. it stupid and a huge waste of money .

Agree with every comment that has been made!

"Taxi firms in the town Puma Shoes Brown

say it is dreadful and is taking much longer for them to get through the town."

Far worse delays now. More confusion for motorists, many of whom use the bus lane on Lichfield street now.

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He said: "I understand some of the lights are there to help traffic flow, but the problem is all of the pedestrian crossings in between as well."

I was under the impression the council wanted to encourage firms to relocate to Walsall, this ring road is obviously to encourage them to relocate elsewhere.

Still, it seems to have achieved one purpose. It will reduce non local traffic who won bother coming into our town for business or shopping.

Sounds like someone purchased a very bad computer package or mistook maximum for minimum.

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