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Eich was named chief executive Puma Shoes Pink Dolphin

Dan Price

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In addition, many tech industry professionals don't want to work for this guy.

Eich was in a prominent position. His company didn't want to deal Puma Disc 89 with the PR problem. No one bullied him.

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Cameron Orr

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This resignation had less to do with outside pressure and more to do with the fact that half of Mozilla's board stepped down after Puma Shoes For Girls

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ban on gay marriage surfaced. In 2008, he made a $1,000 contribution supporting Proposition 8. Comments from Twitter and Facebook are edited for clarity and grammar:

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Mozilla CEO resignation sets off debate

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He has his own opinion, and nothing is wrong with that. We should respect positions of others. Freedom of speech does not imply freedom from criticism. He takes responsibility for his actions: good or bad. In this instance, there was fallout. Nothing is free. If you don't, you're fired!

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Puma Disc 89

Last week, Brendan Eich resigned as CEO of Mozilla under pressure after his support of California's Puma Shoes 2017 For Girls

Supporters of Proposition 8, California ban on same sex marriage, stand outside a courthouse in August 2010 in San Francisco.(Photo: Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

(although the company says the departures were unrelated).

Puma Disc 89

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