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Murder Suspect Returns to West Tennessee to Face Charges

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John Edward Miller, 47, was transported to Henderson County to face first degree murder and kidnapping charges. Officials held the arraignment in circuit court, away Puma Mens Shoes Red

Miller is accused of killing Betty Carol Thomas, 32 of Lexington back in December of 1986. Investigators said Thomas went missing after an unknown male called her residence and asked to meet to meet her at Waugh's Pizza in Lexington. Her family later discovered her 1971 Ford LTD had been abandoned at the pizza parlor. Officials said Thomas was never seen or heard from again. Investigators said hunters found her skeletal remains on December 25 near Pine Lake State Recreational Area south of Lexington. The findings of the medical examiner revealed that Thomas died as a result of a cut to her throat.

Puma Rose Pink

Puma Rose Pink

"We have a case that originated in 1986, so it's going to take some time to look into this and see what the best resolution is," said George Googe, Miller's public defense attorney. "There has to be evidence proved beyond a reasonable doubt to moral certainty in Tennessee to convict somebody of an offense if we didn't have that we would have a lot of innocent people locked away because somebody thought they did it."

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Puma Rose Pink

Puma Rose Pink

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. After 27 years of searching for answers in the cold case murder of Betty Carol Thomas, family members of Thomas, came face to face with her accused killer.

overhearing Miller confess to killing Thomas with a cutting instrument in March of 1986. Officials said the relationship between Miller Puma Rose Pink and Thomas remains unknown. Family members told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that he was a close family acquaintance in the years leading up to 1986. Family members of Thomas said they have not seen or heard from him since the murder. Miller is currently serving a 40 year prison sentence for an unrelated aggravated robbery charge.

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Puma Rose Pink

from other general sessions cases to ensure family members had privacy in this Puma Shoes Purple

"You just can't give up got to keep on and keep on thinking everyday you're going to find out something new, get more information," said Hopper.

sensitive case which has lasted for more than a quarter of a century. Miller who was appointed a public defense attorney, plead not guilty.

"The process is kind of nerve racking," said Hopper. "Don't put us through any more you've already put us through 27 years, you know lets get this over with."

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Miller was charged after a witness called the Henderson County Sheriff's Department in January with a statement about Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Puma Rose Pink

Miller's public defense attorney George Googe told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that because this case has spanned over a quarter of a century, the process will need more time and careful consideration of the details to ensure a fair trial.

"He looked right at us when he walked in that was just a bad feeling I couldn't even stand it," said Jennifer Hopper. "My heart just went to my feet, I didn't really know how to feel."

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