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MPs honour Flaherty

"He loved his country and served it with a heart as big as the Puma Shoes High

OTTAWA From his university days bussing Puma Shoes For Girls White

Puma Rose Gold

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other major party leaders were absent.

to honour Flaherty's signature colour.

Leitch recalled some of Flaherty's accomplishments, his genuine concern for the disabled because of his own son's developmental disability, his passion for sailing and hockey and his imprint on the global economy.

Puma Rose Gold

Puma Rose Gold

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said Flaherty put his country first over an acute skin condition that causes blistering and had taken a toll on his health.

"Jim Flaherty made a difference in the lives of Canadians who are, far too often, marginalized, forgotten and ignored," he said.

Liberal MP Scott Brison fondly recalled his brushes with Flaherty at the parliamentary gym where they would chat about policy and enjoy a few laughs.

Puma Rose Gold

NDP House Leader Peter Julian also spoke of Flaherty's commitment to public service and to the less fortunate.

Flaherty's desk was adorned with a planter of shamrocks, a dozen roses and a hand written note that read: You are and will always be missed and remembered.

country itself," she said during the shortened session of the Commons devoted to Flaherty before MPs scattered for the Easter break.

tables and driving a cab to a legacy of shielding the economy from a global financial crisis, the life of Jim Flaherty was celebrated Friday during a moving tribute in the House of Commons.

"What an extraordinary work ethic he had, to refuse to take time for his own rest when he was dealing with a condition that was both painful, difficult and exhausting for him."

MPs donned their finest green from clover speckled ties to scarves, tops and jackets Puma Shoes Grey And Pink

"I ask everyone to pause and look at the dictionary this morning," said Leitch, a doctor who performed CPR on Flaherty, 64, before paramedics arrived on Thursday.

Puma Rose Gold

MPs were still struggling with the sudden death of the former finance minister, and for a second day sheathed their long knives in a rare show of affection for an Irishman friends and foes said brought people together.

Puma Rose Gold

The Peace Tower Carillon chimed Irish tunes at noon, while the Maple Leaf flew at half mast.

Puma Rose Gold

Flowers sit on former Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's desk during a moment of silence in his honour in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa April 11, 2014. (REUTERS/Chris Wattie)

She reminisced about his commitment to public service, his love of family and his home of Whitby, Ont., and his favorite drink a pint of Guinness.

Puma Rose Gold

Puma Rose Gold

"Later in the day I would meet him somewhere, he would be surrounded by caucus and cabinet colleagues, and I would say: 'Jim Flaherty's the first man I see naked every morning.'"

"Under Irish they will see a Puma Rose Gold leprechaun with a twinkle in his eyes and a fierce determination behind them, my good friend."

Puma Rose Gold

Puma Rose Gold

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