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Mr Denham carried out a survey at one Southampton mosque which found no fewer than 95 per cent of people earn less than 18,000 a year.

Puma Runners 2017

Now the MPs are calling on the Government to order an independent review into the rules, introduced last summer.

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Puma Runners 2017

Yesterday the Daily Echo revealed how Inodeel Naizai faces being unable to see his new son or daughter for at least two years.

Mr Whitehead even revealed how one of his constituents who Puma Runners 2017 had worked in the US and married an American woman faced the prospect of his wife and child having to live outside the UK for years.

their retirement, had also been barred from entering Britain. Skilled professionals, including NHS consultants, who wished to care for an elderly relative at their own expense were unable to do so.

Referring to Mr Denham's survey, Mr Whitehead added: Puma Mcq Brace Mid

Labour MPs John Denham (Southampton Itchen) and Alan Whitehead (Southampton Test) attacked a requirement that citizens must earn 18,600 before they can bring in spouses or partners.

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Mr Whitehead said: "UK citizens coming back, after having married abroad, are finding that their spouse and child are stranded, unable to get into the UK.

having worked in the USA and married his American wife there, told me that he is now faced with the prospect of trying to get a job in the UK that will pay 18,000.

This month, the rules were condemned in a report by the all party parliamentary group on migration, which set out the "anguish" for families.

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The pair said the threshold for people from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) was far too high, given average salaries in most of the country.

Puma Runners 2017

It also found that high earning business leaders, and people wanting to return home for Puma Red

Puma Runners 2017

MPs call for change to new immigration rules From St Helens Star

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Puma Runners 2017

Puma Runners 2017

On top of the 18,600 figures, British citizens must have an extra income of 3,800 for the first child sponsored and 2,400 more for each further child.

"His wife and child may remain outside the UK for several years even though he has done everything right in terms of his life and work and all other factors."

"The rules are effectively banning an entire community from the rights that we would give to any other community in this country."

"One of my constituents, Puma Silver Toe

Puma Runners 2017

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