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The Safe Drinking Water Act first came into effect in 2002, laying out the standard of care for individuals who have responsibility for municipal drinking water systems that extend to municipal councils.

councillors can no longer rely on acting in good faith to avoid prosecution under the Act unless they are relying in Puma Sneakers Burgundy

The Ministry of Environment will be the lead agency charged with investigating any incident that may have resulted as a breach of statutory standard of care and can lay charges.

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Municipalities responsible for safe water

council in January about the new legislation.

Under the new regulations, owners and operators of the municipal water systems must ensure that the drinking water meets water quality standards and that the system is in a fit state of repair.

Under the act, failure to comply with Section 19 can lead to penalties that includes fines of up to $4 million and imprisonment for up to five years.


Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Section 19 of the Safe Drinking Water Act makes directors, councillors and municipalities personally liable for the proper operation Puma Ladies Running Shoes and maintenance of its municipal drinking water system even if the drinking water system is operated by a corporate entity other than the municipality.

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Dominic Parrella, vice president of operations at the PUC, said the PUC plans on making a presentation to Puma Shoes Amazon

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

To municipalities, drinking water systems include all treatment and distribution pipes up to customer property lines.

good faith on a report of an engineer, lawyer, accountant or other person whose professional qualifications lend credibility to the report, a memorandum to council format he PUC states.

The act states that individuals are entitled to expect safe drinking water. It provides for protection of human health and prevents drinking water hazards through control and regulation of the system and the testing of the drinking water.

people, comply with all sampling, testing and monitoring requirements and meet all reporting requirements.

He said that PUC Services is accredited to operate the city's water system and has measures in place to ensure compliance with Section 19.

New legislation will come into effect January 1 that will see municipalities including members of council liable for safe drinking water.

Puma Ladies Running Shoes

It must also ensure that the operations are properly staffed by qualified Puma Shoes 2017 New Model

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