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growing numbers of Internet connected burglar alarms, televisions and baby monitors. But like the early days of video cassette recorders, many of the smart home products being launched are incompatible with each other.

MS sides with Qualcomm over connected Puma Shoes Price

Puma Shoes Price With Images

Last week, Google said it partnered with Mercedes Benz, Whirlpool Corp and light bulb maker LIFX to integrate their products with Google's Nest thermostats and smoke Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

Puma Shoes Price With Images

Puma Shoes Price With Images

Puma Shoes Price With Images

Apple Inc, known for strictly controlling how other companies' products interact with its own, in June announced plans for HomeKit, which will integrate control of devices like garage door openers, lights and thermostats.

Battle lines are being drawn as manufacturers roll out Puma Light Pink Sneakers

Puma Shoes Price With Images

Puma Shoes Price With Images


But, like the rivalry between Betamax and VHS video formats over three decades ago, Silicon Valley is far from agreement on what standards should rule.

Microsoft on Tuesday joined 50 other members in the AllSeen Alliance, including major consumer electronics players Panasonic Corp, LG Electronics Puma Shoes Price With Images Inc and Sharp Corp , the group said.


The Qualcomm backed AllSeen Alliance is among a growing number of efforts for companies working alone or in groups to promote protocols for how smart devices should work together in a trend increasingly referred to as the Internet of Things.

Puma Shoes Price With Images

SAN FRANCISCO Microsoft Corp has joined Qualcomm Inc and other technology companies in a bid to establish standard ways for household devices like light bulbs and thermostats to talk to each other.

Puma Shoes Price With Images

Qualcomm and other tech companies believe the quick establishment of standards across home connected gadgets, cars and wearable computing devices will accelerate the introduction of new devices by manufacturers.

Making it easy for software developers to design apps that let household devices work together in useful ways, like making living room LED light bulbs flash red when food is burning on the stove, may also stir more interest from consumers who have yet to become excited by smart products currently on offer, the companies hope.

Asked whether Intel Corp would join Qualcomm's alliance, an Intel spokeswoman said in an email, "There are multiple forums driving different approaches to solve the challenge of IoT connectivity. Currently, we don't see one single effort that addresses all the necessary requirements."

Puma Shoes Price With Images

Puma Shoes Price With Images

To that end, Qualcomm led the development of a connection standard called AllJoyn and made it free for other companies to use in their products.

"All these things need a standard. Nobody wants to buy a TV and have to make sure their speakers are compliant," said Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon. "But we're in an experimentation phase with the Internet of Things. It's early days and nobody knows what it's eventually going to look like."

Puma Shoes Price With Images

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