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"He basically had Dublin to play with and I think he played with it to his heart's content."

Mrs Brown's Boys is one of television's most successful sitcoms. Last year's Puma Grey Sneakers

Speaking on the rain soaked pink carpet coloured to match Agnes' favourite cardigan O'Carroll described the film as "a slice of Mrs Brown's life with something big happening" and revealed he would not have had the premiere anywhere else.

"If it was a snow storm here I wouldn't care," he said.

"Keep writing about it, I don't care what you say."

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Rory Cowan, who plays Agnes' gay son Rory, revealed he fears cinemas could empty when people watch a scene in which he goes for a dip wearing a mankini swimsuit.

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a lot."

The film takes the action beyond the front porch of fruit and veg trader Mrs Brown, as she fights to save her market stall from a ruthless developer.

"Brendan can have a lot more fun writing it because he's not restricted by the four walls not that he ever was in a studio," he explained.

festive special racked up 9.4 million viewers for BBC One, beating Downton Abbey and Call The Midwife to the Christmas Day top spot.

"If I knew the answer to that I swear to God I'd be writing it every day," he joked.

The premiere took place in Dublin and m any fans waited in the pouring rain for several hours to catch a glimpse of the stars outside the Savoy Cinema.

"For the last few years we've been away from Dublin quite a lot.

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"We've been touring the UK, touring Australia, we've been to Canada.

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"The great thing about this is we're outside. Mrs Brown outdoors is just unusual anyway.

"We've had a rough time of it of late and it gives me an opportunity to give a little bit back because I owe Dublin Puma Shoes For Women Pink

"It just means an awful lot to me. It's my home town, it's a movie about my home town. I'm very proud of being a Dubliner, I'm very proud Puma Trainer Shoes

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Jennifer Gibney, O'Carroll's second wife, stars as Mrs Brown's daughter Cathy and suggested the show's appeal was down to the "warmth" of the characters.

A number of O'Carroll's relatives appear in the show, including his daughter, Fiona O'Carroll, who plays one of Mrs Brown's daughters in law.

"This is where it started for us, so it wasn't going to be anywhere else."

Cowan, who wore a pink smoking jacket for the premiere, said the event was always going to be held in Ireland.

Among the stars of the show in the Irish capital tonight was Paddy Houlihan, who plays one of Mrs Brown's sons.

"They are a family that people would like to be part of and I think everybody wants Mrs Brown to be their mammy," she said.

of Dublin.

Mrs Brown moves to the big screen From St Helens Star

He said the show transferred well to the big screen.

"It's going to clear the cinema, so maybe the cinema should Puma Shoes Womens put sick bags under the seats like they do in aeroplanes."

"People are going to laugh or they'll run out," he smiled.

But O'Carroll had a defiant message for the naysayers: " Thank you so much for writing about Mrs Brown. It means an awful lot to get the name out there.

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