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Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Bull Riding: Reagan Avery won the Bull Riding competition with a score of 72. Placing second was Casey Juckabee (70). Fishing third was Casey Matlock (61).

Saddle Bronc: Kobyn Williams was the victor in the Saddle Bronc event with a score of 84.

Calf Roping: Ryan Thibodeaux won the Calf Roping event with a time of 7.79. Placing second was Corey Soloman (7.95). Coming in third was Clint Carpenter (8.06). Finishing fourth was Cimaron Boardman (8.30). Placing fifth was Ryan Bothum (8.51). Coming in sixth was Chris Demases (8.56). Finishing seventh was Clint McCaffety (8.60). Placing eighth was Deric Goff (8.89).

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Team Roping: Justin Lovell and Tyler McKnight were the victors of the Team Roping competition with a time of 4.60. Coming in second were Cory Smothers and Tee Lutrell (5.05). Placing third were Brody Braden and Todd Trammell (5.33). Finishing fourth were Dalton Wiley and Tyler Domingue (5.40). Placing fifth were Clayton Hass and Wesley Moss (5.50). Coming in sixth were Tommy Edens and Trey Norris (5.72).

Thomas came in eighth (4.9).

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Mount Pleasant rodeo draws thousands

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

fifth (15.669). Katie Anthony placed sixth (15.695). Tracy Austin Ovy finished seventh (15.780). Jana Riley came in eighth (15.812).

"We had beautiful weather Puma Girl Shoes 2018 and everything simply went great," Rester continued. "This is one of the all time best rodeos to ever be held in Mount Pleasant, and I have attended the majority of them. I am not trying to knock any of the past events. Puma High Tops Mens

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

but the 48th annual Longhorn Trailer Sales Mount Pleasant Rodeo was awesome in all aspects and we are very humbled."

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Girls Breakaway: Paige Plush was victorious in the Breakaway competition with a time of 2.5. Brooks Pannell finished second (2.6). Ashley Goforth placed third (2.6). Lari Dee Guy came in fourth (2.64). Tina Hamilton finished fifth (2.78). Jamie Roach placed sixth (3.0).

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

Four young cowgirls were crowned during a coronation ceremony which preceded Saturday night's action.

Barrel Race: Wyatt Grace Andrew won the Barrel Racing event with a time of 15.527. Leslie Lutrell came in second (15.597). Romany Gordan placed third (15.640). Caitlin Wheeler finished fourth (15.667). Tana Renick came in Puma Sneakers Beige

Travis Edwards finished second (82). Michael Houston came in third (76).

Steer Wrestling: Kash Koester and Clayton Hass finished tied for first in the Steer Wrestkling event with matching times of time 4.2. Riley Duvall and Gary Gilbert wound up tied for third (4.5). Jake Shaw, Ben Goodman and Shane McCune al finished tied for fifth (4.8). Sean Puma Gv Special Men's

Puma Girl Shoes 2018

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