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Riders performs a variety of intricate figures and cavalry drills choreographed to music, which is hinged on control, timing and co ordination.

excited to be back in the Sault, said Marty Khesser, superintendent in charge of the Musical Ride.


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The RCMP had given the Queen a horse that was true brother to a Puma Drift Cat 3

Puma Casual Shoes Amazon

Puma Casual Shoes Amazon

we were going by one time and Fergie (Duchess of York) was out there sunbathing or sitting in a lawn chair reading as we walked by. time, members of the team were walking outside the castle when they saw a lady out in the field with her dogs.

Khesser has been to the city twice before with the group, once as a rider in 1988, and again in 2009 when he was superintendent.

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she came down two or three times in her riding clothes to see how we were making out. It was really neat. And (Prince) Phillip came down and the whole family, Khesser said.

The Musical Ride fields a full troop of 32 riders during performances, plus one member that's in charge.

He said riders were allowed to use the Queen's private quarters as they travelled from one part of the castle to another.

Mounties bring Puma Sneakers Womens

horse that was part of the Ride that year. The Queen wanted to get a look at the brother.

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tell everybody I'm in the Puma Tennis Shoes For Sale

While members of the Musical Ride do not meet royalty very often, they regularly meet people as they travel across the country to perform.

travel with a couple spares, Khesser said.

doesn't matter what town you go to, what city you visit, you meet very special people that are proud of their communities and they're excited about having the Musical Ride there. It's a special job and we're very proud of it, he said.

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The RCMP have their own horse stables in Ottawa where they've been breeding mainly Hanoverian horses for nearly 75 years. One of the reasons the Hanoverian breed was chosen is because most of the animals are black.

In 2012 Khesser made his second trip to England to visit the Queen.

The Musical Ride promotes the RCMP image of the red coated Mountie in broad brimmed Stetson that is well known throughout country and world. and Europe.

The group arrived in the Sault from Thunder Bay Thursday night with 35 riders and 36 horses.

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Puma Casual Shoes Amazon

Queen's photo album somewhere, Khesser laughed.

That was when they realized it was the Queen.

year was an exceptional year. We performed in Germany and (then) we performed for Her Majesty at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (in London, England), he said. the queen this last year was pretty special. when Khesser was a rider with the group in 1988 he not only performed for the Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, he stayed at Windsor Castle with the Musical Ride team.

Riders are volunteers who are first and foremost police officers that have served at least two years on the force.

equestrian show to the Sault

But beginning today locals can saunter through the arena at the John Rhodes Community Centre where the horses are being stabled and get up close to the animals and meet some of the riders.

Local residents will get a treat this weekend when the country's national police force brings its iconic traveling equestrian show to Sault Ste. Marie for two performances.

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Khesser said as they got closer to the woman she went to Puma Casual Shoes Amazon her jeep and pulled out a camera and began taking a of pictures of them.

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