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She has a rich lover in the West who smuggles cigarettes and money to her, and meets for secret trysts. She plans to escape with him, but meanwhile she is compelled by the life of the clinic. Andre, whatever else he is, is also a dedicated doctor who created his own laboratory to make medicine that would take months to receive otherwise. Barbara is a similarly devoted physician who furthermore has adopted a cause: Stella (Jasna Fritzi Bauer), a young girl who's prisoner in a nearby work camp and is being Puma Black And Gold Shoes treated for meningitis in the hospital. Barbara cares for her, and reads to her from Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, especially the part about how Huck escaped the constrictions of everyday life.

The German film Barbara opens with a close up of Nina Hoss, a thin and handsome actress who blooms into surprising beauty. Her character, a doctor named Barbara Wolff, is living in East Germany in the 1980s, a place of everyday oppression: a rundown, secretive, closed in world that has the seedy socialism of an unloved student co op. Barbara is on a bus, being sent from her home in Berlin to a small rural town deeper inside the state that is, further from the West where she is to work in a small hospital. Her crime was apparently to ask to be allowed to leave, and there is in the first scene a kind of despair in her eyes.

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

The movie moves slowly, but once its tensions are established, Petzold allows its very slowness to become part of the fabric of the drama. It's a story of escape, and of ideas of freedom that is told in glances and suspicions, and it relies heavily on Hoss who is in almost every scene to silently inform us of her confusions and fears. It's a great performance in a film that is both restrained and surprisingly compassionate.

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

(In German with English subtitles)

Parental guidance: Adult themes

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

the doctors in Barbara are champion smokers while two men watch her from a high window.

Except she is not entirely lost, just as the small town isn't entirely claustrophobic. There is hope in Barbara's face, and there is an unexpected and unadorned loveliness in the countryside, where the songs of birds Puma Orange And Black Shoes

Barbara is the story of a life in this all encompassing world, where thoughts are dangerous and freedom is punished. And Barbara wants out.

"She won't be even a second early," says a secret service officer (Rainer Bock, personifying the bland bureaucratic face of banal evil.) "She's like that." The agent will appear occasionally to rummage through Barbara's apartment looking for evidence of non conformity, apparently while a woman snaps on rubber gloves and searches Barbara's body for who knows what.

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

chirping happily can be heard even inside the seedy halls of the clinic and of Barbara's collapsing apartment.

Barbara gets off the bus and sits on a bench to light a cigarette Puma Cheap

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

Movie review

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

these things also keeping an eye on Barbara for the police. She knows what he knows: "You're groomed," she tells him. She likes him but she can't trust him.

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

The other man watching is Andre (Ronald Zehrfeld), a rumpled and pleasantly chubby physician who runs the clinic and who is in the matter of fact manner of Puma Shoes Green And White

Puma Black And Gold Shoes

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