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was really a very in depth process. Bon Soo's Puma Shoes Canvas Price white Sorel boots were retired when research turned up 80% of respondents thought he favoured black boots. He now sports black Sorel Bears. When Mr. Bon Soo hits the slopes, he'll have his own ski goggles.

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

I say to you it was an agonizing process, the board took it very, very seriously, said De Poli.

always more and more that he would like to be able to do and just physically wasn't able to do before, said De Poli.

Lugging so much weight also meant Mr. Bon Soo tired more easily and had to limit the length of his social engagements. Expect that to change in 2013.

What was expected to be relatively brief thing ended up taking seven months because Puma Black And Silver Shoes

Liberal leadership hopeful Sandra Pupatello rubbed shoulders with the big guy at a provincial funding announcement for the long running carnival Friday at Station Mall.

But, the fourth imagining of the carnival ambassador weighs 75% less than its predecessor. Credit a change in the composition of Mr. Bon Soo's head for the dramatic slimming down. Lightweight closed cell foam has replaced heavier Fiberglas.

Sault Ste. Marie residents who turned out for the 26th annual Santa Claus parade caught the first glimpse of the tweaked Mr. Bon Soo in mid November. The suit arrived just days earlier.

did spend a period of time just hopping up and down, Puma Sneakers Gum Sole

He danced along with Psy's Gangnam Style and other songs as the carnival float made its way down Queen Street East.

Fifty years of celebrating winter fun hasn't gone to Mr. Bon Soo's head.

That small refinement will have a big impact on Mr. Bon Soo's social schedule during the carnival. His smaller cranium means he can now enter more buildings where carnival events are held. Mr. Bon Soo couldn't belly up to the bar at the Nicolet Tavern to greet customers and staff because he couldn't get in a door at the Albert Street West watering hole. Instead, he'd have to meet and greet carnival goers outside.

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

head size and shape, eye colour, expression and boot colour have all changed over the years. Many Saultites would have no real memory of the previous generations, or are certainly very accustomed to generation four. Ontario funding helped pay for Mr. Bon Soo's new look created by Sugar's Mascots in Toronto. De Poli declined to release the dollar figure paid for his sleek and appearance.

waving his arms too which Mr. Bon Soo does not normally do. Bon Soo's last makeover welcomed carnival goers since 1993. That's believed to be the longest stint of any of the earlier suits.

we anticipate we'll have trouble getting him out of places. Soo brass didn't take this assignment lightly. They consulted with other events. They spoke with seven mascot manufacturers, persons previously involved with the carnival and current volunteers.

alone, I think, is a Puma Ferrari Shoes High Top

number one comment that we've gotten is he is cuter, said De Poli.

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

we just looked at everything. fair to say everything was considered, said De Poli.

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

In fact, Ontario Winter Carnival Bon Soo's animated logo's noggin is now trimmed in size, and girth, in preparation for the event's golden anniversary in early February.

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

great example of how much friskier he is able to be, said De Poli.

Mr. Bon Soo's head's circumference measured 110 inches at the temple. Now it's down to about 106 inches.

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

Mr. Bon Soo himself has expressed to us over the years the things he was less than comfortable with and we certainly addressed those. still an imposing figure, standing about 6 foot 3.

Mr Bon Soo looking good

Puma Shoes Canvas Price

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