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the Socialist Party and the TUSC manifestos ?

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And as for your "needs budget program" and the Trotskyist rag Socialism Today. You do know all their recent editions are on line, don't you?

Mr Denham said he had Puma Sneakers Classics

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Time that the MP's wages was cut in half, expenses sheet taking away, and build a block of flats near government for the MP's to live in, traveling free on public transport, so if any MP wants to live else where they can do, and if they want to travel by other means they can do that to, but they will need to pay for it for them selfs and not out of tax payers money, and the same with the Lords. well I can go along with a lot of that accommodation block, free public transport and less salary.

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Think you find some of it in the magazine called Socialism today in the april/may issues there are small veriations around the country but basiclly remains Puma Navy Blue the same, so if you wait till April next year then look it will be near the very front when other councils will be heading for elections.

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MPs are no longer allowed to claim for mortgage interest on their second homes, meaning they have to meet the costs themselves or sell up.

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But when you do find it, the page that will interest you the most will be on pages 5 to 7. ah!, April next year you say.

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However, you fail to deal with the costs of constituency office and its staffing. You can't expect MP's to pay for this out of their halved salary, as well as doing all the secretarial work themselves.

MP defends rent expense claim From St Helens Star

Just looked through both the April and May 2012 editions. Know what? Nothing. Sweet FA"

Yet again you show your political naivety when it actually comes to matters practical for elected politicians. and when they was needed the it came out of party funds and not tax payers funds, and halfing MP's wages will still be a 1/3rd more than most people will earn.

Remember, back in May/June 2010 you were assuring us, many, many times that the coalition would fall apart by the end of 2012 at the very latest.

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You mean after the General Election?

Needs Budget Program ? I still can't find it !!But I have and in the same Puma White And Red Sneakers

lived in his London property from 2004 until 2012, before moving out "solely and directly as a consequence" of the rule changes.

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way, told you where to look, and the Needs Budget is for local governments / Councils and is smaller than for manifest for national government.

And talk about about a bunch bananas take a read of page 35 of the Green party manifest of 2012, and the Greens try and pass them selfs off as a working class partyIsn't it funny that you can give direct and accurate information about that but you cannot give accurate information about something that you claim to have been included in Puma Trainers Black And White

He said: "I had absolutely no wish to move into a rented flat as I owned an entirely suitable property in London. Indeed, I waited until the last possible moment before the rule changes came in before leaving the property. I was hoping that there might be a last minute change in the rules that would have enabled me to continue to live in my own home."

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