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She added: "The further I went [on the flight] the more it dawned on me [what was happening].

Mum reunited with baby after volcano flight ban From Richmond and Twickenham Times

The Department for Transport (DfT) granted the airport permission for eight extra planes to land and take off between 11pm and 6am on Wednesday.

"My two year old hasn't let me out of her sight her world has been turned upside down."

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Puma Shoes All White

On arrival she began hunting for flights. She said: "At this stage I was pretty distraught. I was in floods of tears. Being a lawyer and a working mother I need to be a control freak but this was

He said: "We accept this is almost a unique emergency but the Government should not take advantage of it."

John Stewart, chairman of campaign group Hacan, said he was concerned the Government could use the tactic again for the 2012 Olympics Games.

The mum finally arrived home on Monday morning.

days trying to get home by flying from Mumbai to

it happened to someone else now but it Puma Shoes All White was terrifying, exhausting and overwhelming."

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Jet Airlines described the flight ban as an unprecedented event and said it was doing all it could to minimise the inconvenience and discomfort to its passengers.

Mrs Davies, who also told her story to radio station LBC, said: "It feels like Puma Sneakers For Ladies

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The mum of an eight week old baby has told of her desperate bid to get home after becoming trapped on the other side of the world because of the volcano flight ban.

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Union Unite said staff were seeking legal advice.

Once on the plane she realised the severity of the situation and asked to get off, but was not allowed.

"From the second I landed I was trying to plan my trip back."

Meanwhile, airline catering and cleaning companies faced a backlash from up to 2,000 workers over claims bosses told them to take annual or unpaid leave while aircraft were grounded.

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"We also engaged Unite with our plans from the outset. We needed to take the necessary short term action in order to safeguard the long term future of our business and all the jobs it provides."

Mrs Davies said she was told nothing about the potential problems at check in despite the volcanic erruption having taken place just hours before.

Madrid, via Puma Shoes White And Red

out of my control."

The DfT said it would decide whether to continue the dispensation "on a day by day basis".

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Yesterday campaigners urged the Government not to use a temporary lift on night flight restrictions at Heathrow as a precedent for non emergencies in future.

After receiving "no help" from her airline Jet Airways by Saturday she took matters into her own hands and booked a flight to Madrid, via Istanbul.

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Puma Shoes All White

A spokeswoman for catering firm Gate Gourmet said it was forced to close as a result of the flight ban and cancel orders with suppliers.

But there was no way of getting back to the UK from Spain so her husband booked a return to Calais through the Eurotunnel and drove to Madrid to pick her up.

Istanbul, before driving through the Eurotunnel.

Mrs Davies distraught for the welfare of baby Hector, who had recently been in intensive care suffering from septicaemia spent nearly four Puma Match Sneakers

The lawyer, from Richmond, said: "When I got home I collapsed on the floor. I didn't want to let the baby go and haven't done since.

She added: "In terms of taking time off, our employees, both frontline and management, were given a number of options to choose from and all were made aware of what this would mean for them.

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Kate Davies, 35, travelled to India for a conference last Thursday, expecting to be away for a total of 49 hours.

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