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Puma Running Shoes Sale

Puma Running Shoes Sale

Puma Running Shoes Sale

"I had one Year Seven kid give me a pencil case full of pennies and I counted it out and there was 6 in there," he said. "That's been the nicest thing for me.

"There's not really much for men to do. Prostate and testicular cancer are usually late diagnosed because there's a stigma about going to the doctor and having Puma Shoes Women Black

Puma Running Shoes Sale

He said: "So far the current total is 5,991 but that's before the Aviva contribution. They've said that they will contribute up to 100 per person. I was getting a bit of stick about it, it was a little bit on the ginger side, so it was time to come off and return to normal. I wasn't getting much attention from the other half either.

brought the team good luck as they beat rivals Ipswich 4 1 on Sunday, just two days before they were allowed to shave it off.

Puma Running Shoes Sale

It started in Australia in 2003 and has grown rapidly since then, last year raising 26m worldwide.

Puma Running Shoes Sale

Puma Running Shoes Sale

The entire Norwich City Football Club squad also took part in the event and raised a total of 1,753. Captain Grant Holt, pictured, and defender Michael Nelson acted as "Moustache Police" and handed out 100 fines Puma Shoes For Men With Price

Movember is an annual challenge where men are sponsored to grow elaborate moustaches. All the money raised goes towards tackling diseases that affect men such as prostate cancer.

Pupils all paid 50p to enter the school's sports hall and see their teachers "de fuzzed". In total they raised almost 1,000 for the Movember charity.

Puma Running Shoes Sale

Moustaches come off across Norwich

Puma Running Shoes Sale

"Even though I've got the least growth I raised the most. On the website I've got 125 but I had a pot in my classroom for the kids and that got up to 52.

Puma Running Shoes Sale

"We're back to our normal selves, everyone's feeling the chill on the top lips now. It was great fun. Women have things like fun runs and pink ribbons, there's a lot of charities out there for women's causes.

Puma Running Shoes Sale

a check up, so it's basically something for the blokes to get involved with."

One of the barbers, James Jewell, said that the moustache was the most painful area to shave. "It's not comfy at all, we might get a few watery eyes," he said. "They're raising a lot of money, I think it's spot on."

Maths teacher Peter Hedges, 23, was awarded a sash for raising the most money but admitted that his moustache was "quite hard to see".

A group of 11 teachers at Notre Dame High School took part, but had to wait until yesterday when they were treated to Puma Running Shoes Sale a cut throat shave by city barbers Esquire.

to anyone caught clipping or shaving. The facial hair may have Puma Peach Sneakers

Puma Running Shoes Sale

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