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Puma Trainers Women

Puma Trainers Women

people with multiple sclerosis (MS) in Saskatchewan.

Andrew Dahlen of Saskatoon travelled to Albany to take part in the trial last August. He awoke Monday morning to a phone call from Dr. Gary Siskin, the trial lead. He told Dahlen that the trial had been cancelled.

Puma Trainers Women

Saskatchewan has the highest rates of MS per capita in Canada. It's a neurological disease that destroys nerve function in the brain Puma Shoes Black Gold

Puma Trainers Women

"I'm just trying to gather my brain around the whole thing. It's pretty big news," Dahlen said.

"I'm feeling like I wasted my time a little bit."

and spinal cord, causing a wide range of unpredictable symptoms. About 3,500 people in this province suffer from MS.

Puma Trainers Women

The lead doctor for an Albany, New York based clinical trial into a controversial MS treatment has had to call off his study, saying he could not get enough patients to take part.

"Our priority is to try to find a similar type of study. But Puma Trainers Women we're realistic to know that may not be possible. We want to be involved in MS research. That may be continuing with Liberation therapy. But it may be outside of that as well."

Puma Trainers Women

Puma Trainers Women

There were 86 Saskatchewan patients who had planned to take part. The study was to research a controversial therapy for the neurological disease known as the liberation treatment. An Italian doctor made headlines for his claims that MS is related to blocked veins in the neck. Dr. Paolo Zamboni's treatment is meant to remove those so called blockages with an angioplasty balloon.

Subsequent research has been unable to reproduce Zamboni's results.

Dahlen said the government paid for travel expenses for him to go to Regina for follow up appointments. Despite that, he said the trips, which included one, three, six, and nine month checkups, were time consuming.

"It's just a little annoying having to drive to Regina all the time but I was doing it for science. Now, I guess, it wasn't really worth it," he said.

Puma Trainers Women

I would also say that people who are volunteering for this trial also know they are volunteering for a double blind trial, meaning that they wouldn't necessarily have the procedure done."

There's been another set back for Puma Shoes Size 3

Puma Trainers Women

"It's a little surprising. But Puma Tennis Shoes 2017

Health Minister Dustin Duncan admitted he wasn't expecting to hear the news.

The 28 year old hasn't seen any major improvements nor has he seen his condition get worse. He said he's a little shocked and upset by the news.

MS clinical trial including Saskatchewan patients cancelled

Duncan stressed that the province still supports research into the liberation treatment. So far it has spent $150,000 on it and it's committed to spend $2.2 million when all is said and done.

Puma Trainers Women

"I had my hopes pretty high to be part of science and all that kind of good stuff," he said.

Puma Trainers Women

Puma Trainers Women

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