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a really impressive department running courses that are practical and challenging and utterly inspire the students who take them.

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"I loved both of those subjects and was really lucky to have a creative background like that at home."

She added: "I was really pleased to meet people who are doing technology courses for a range of different reasons. One young man is looking at becoming a highly qualified engineer, whilst others are really loving doing painting and decorating and Puma Disc Blaze others are finding their thing in hair dressing courses.

She said: "This is Puma Shoes White Leather

MP impressed by high quality of students' technology work

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The school said this has been of great benefit to the local community with skilled individuals in a range of technological disciplines including engineering and construction.

is very positive."

North Norwich MP Chloe Smith visited Hellesdon High School technology department to see first hand the students in action.

"I think it's really important for a school to value vocational skills alongside the core academic curriculum and the technology department shows that in action."

"The broad range of courses including GCSE, vocational and A level, provides personalised pathways for all individuals to progress into jobs, careers and further education. From GCSE students moving onto A level product design courses, including scholarships in engineering to construction and hair and beauty study that enables entry onto apprenticeship schemes."

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Ms Smith, whose father is a furniture maker and mother is a textiles teacher, added: "I absolutely loved the technology subjects at school, particularly because of reasons of my background.

on an engineering competition held in the technology department, it was an honour to receive a letter from Chloe expressing her interest to visit the department and share in the students achievements.

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Mr Duncan said: "Following a press article Puma Shoes Cheap

Puma Disc Blaze

"I think to have that range available, alongside all the other academic things the school does, Puma High Tops Women

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Puma Disc Blaze

The MP also met GCSE and A level students and see the projects that they are currently working on.

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She was given a tour by Paul Duncan, director of technology, where she saw the range of diverse courses available and how high quality provision has raised attainment and opportunities for students.

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