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Randy Hoback, Prince Albert MP and Saskatchewan Conservative caucus chair said he will write to speaker Andrew Scheer, to investigate whether the proposed branch of leader Thomas Mulcair's office violates House of Commons rules by misusing taxpayer money.

MP calls for inquest into proposed NDP office

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"Whenever we post for anything, it's done in accordance with the rules," Angus said.

this is to support members of parliament and in Saskatchewan they have no members of parliament Puma R698 White

"The NDP claims Puma Red Shoes Ferrari

House of Commons rules stipulate offices can only perform parliamentary duties and cannot participate in partisan politics such as campaigning. Angus said the office would be used for parliamentary research.

"We thought it would be prudent on behalf of taxpayers to ask the speaker to have the NDPS justify how they're spending this money."

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A Saskatchewan MP has called on the speaker of the house to investigate NDP plans to open an office in Saskatoon.

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But during a gathering in Puma Silver High Tops

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Hoback Puma Light said there would be no issue of the office is used for non partisan purposes or not funded by taxpayers.

"We can hire people in Ottawa, we can be all organized down in Ottawa but if we're going to represent the country then if we're going to have research people then why not put the research people where the people are," he said.

so my suspicion is then they are not supporting members of parliament but they are actually supporting election campaigning," Hoback, who spearheaded the campaign, said.

Saskatoon, NDP MP for Timmins James Bay, Charlie Angus, said the oppositions are tilting at windmills.

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Saskatchewan Liberal MP Ralph Goodale also expressed concern over the opening of the Saskatoon office.

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