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When pictures are taken, only the working part of the keypad is illuminated

office. This camera is primarily meant to be used for video calls or for tiny pictures for name contacts and MMS. In poor light conditions both the main camera and the front tiny camera record quite high noise levels.

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Various settings for exposition compensation; the picture in the middle was taken in automatic mode

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Interface when taking a picture

Camera lens is located much too low and thus is easily covered by user's pointing finger

Motorola RAZR V3x review

The camera features several preset options. All 6 pictures displayed below were taken from one and the same point in our Puma Sneakers Ladies

to sample pictures, Motorola V3x is best at capturing objects at medium distance. Remote objects are defocused, with areas of similar colors merging one into another.

Poor pictures taken with the inside camera

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Sample photos in full resolution

Macro in Motorola Razr V3x is brilliant! It is easily activated by a tiny slide key located on the right beneath the display. Results are stunning. Texts are perfectly clear. Objects can be photographed from a distance of mere 4 5 cm.

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Motorola Razr V3x does not allow a horizontal hand hold, even if the location of its release button permits such a solution. The orientation of the menu does not reposition, but remains vertical. The basic interface of the camera control menu features quite a smart design. Due to its transparency images of captured scenes are displayed across the entire screen. Yet, the video application still features 100% cover menu. When pictures are taken or videos are shot, only the functioning part Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price of the keypad is illuminated. An interesting effect, indeed.

Not the best 2 megapixels

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Both the automatic exposure compensation and the white color balance work quite well. The pictures displayed below present all setup options available in the phone two negative factors, two positive factors, and automatic in the middle one.

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

According Puma White Shoes

to the moment of the photo capture only. The LED is able to light constantly. It is strong and evenly distributed, and is especially helpful when night mode is insufficient.

Using flash night mode without flash

The phone is equipped with a built in LED flash, whose function is not limited Puma Shoes White Color

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

Puma Canvas Shoes Lowest Price

In this chapter we are going to take a closer look at Motorola V3x's camera and its work. It prides on the label "2.0 mega pixels", which seems to impress nobody else but beginners nowadays. Experienced users know well, that not even Carl Zeiss can fully guarantee camera's high performance. The camera release button located on the right side of the phone is divided. It constitutes a key assembly together with the voice dialing button. As I already mentioned, this constructional solution seems illogical to me. It is situated much too low. If you take pictures with open clamshell, be sure that a part of your pointing finger will be visible in almost all of them.

Macro master

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