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Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

"It's meant a lot, too n being able to do what I can to help awareness. It won't bring my mom back, but it can help other families and maybe save lives.

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

Wallace Middle School, Susan has encouraged her students, fellow teachers, and family members, not just to remember to wear red on heart health day, but to become proactive and knowledgeable about preventing, fighting, and recognizing the signs of heart disease.

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

Susan held up a necklace, a clay medallion featuring the wear red for women's heart health day logo. The school art classes had made them, and Susan had a whole basket of the necklaces in her Puma Shoes New

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

That summer afternoon, Billie Jean regained consciousness just long enough for the medical team to help move the dying woman from the car.

Billie Jean Craig died just two weeks to the day after she had gently helped Susan fasten the back of her wedding gown, kissed the bride to be's cheek, and allowed herself to be escorted down the aisle to watch Susan a vision in white and a mirror of her mother in earlier days joyfully repeat her wedding vows.

August 6, Susan said she woke up to hear her mom throwing up. "Mom had cold sweats, ached in her shoulders and around her neck, and was sick to her stomach. I said something, half jokingly, like, 'Mom, you better not be having a heart attack!'"

The next day, Billie made an appointment to see her doctor on the following day, because there seemed to be no emergency, no need to rush the appointment.

"It's still so hard," she said, "but it's been exciting to see how much more red we see on this day than I used to see. And this school has been so supportive Puma Shoes White And Gold

On the way to her doctor's appointment, she hunched over in pain on the passenger side of the car, and just before she passed out, she was able to tell her husband, who was driving, that something was dreadfully wrong.

"Looking back now," she said in an interview with the Tribune, "mom's health seemed fine, but she was tired, a different tiredreally worn out."

Susan says she'll always remember that summer, in 1996, when she lost her mom.

This past Friday, during her conference time at school, Susan brought special keepsakes to her interview for this story: a photo of her and her mom that was taken on Susan's wedding day, her mom's well worn Bible, and a baby quilt that Billie had made for the grandbabies she never got to see.

Susan and her new husband, on that day, were on their way to Lubbock, back to Texas Tech, and back to school.

classroom on her desk.

"A few years after my mom's death, one of her friends around her same age experienced the same symptoms. She was educated about what had happened and was able to get help early enough. She is alive and well today, attends her grandchildren's birthdays and gets to talk to her own children every day. She knew what to look for and didn't wait too long.

On August 2, Susan remembers her mom mentioned something about feeling like Puma Sneakers No Laces

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

Susan said her mom complained that day of a back ache, and pain in both her shoulders, so Susan rubbed her mom down with liniment to make her more comfortable. She would live only one more hour.

"The outpouring of prayer, love, and support from this community when my mother died, and ever since, has meant so much, and we are so appreciative; and we are okay because we know mom was a Christian when she died.

she might be "coming down with a bug."

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

"As a family, if we had educated ourselves and had known the signs, perhaps we wouldn't have lost her."

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

But the pain of her loss still takes its toll on her and her family. Especially this time of year, when women's heart health comes to the forefront of the public conscience.

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

"I hope that my sharing my story, as painful as it still is, can make a difference to others, allow them not to lose a young parent, or loved family member, or their own life, because they didn't know the signs of heart disease."

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

So her husband turned the car the other direction, and sped toward the Titus Regional Medical Center emergency entrance.

Mount Pleasant woman's heart finds comfort supporting 'Wear

With heart disease on both sides of her family, Susan says she's taken measures in her own life now to control her weight, to exercise, and eat healthy, She says her husband Barry, her son Connor and daughter Hannah make it a family habit to walk and exercise together when they can.

"Mom argued that she was not having a heart attack because her arms were not numb, and her chest was not tight. She was convinced that this was the flu, or just a 'little virus.'"

of this 'red day' and Puma Diamond Supply Clyde students and teachers know how much it means to me."

Puma Diamond Supply Clyde

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