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"It gives unchecked powers for managers to expedite hospital closures.

Epsom health campaigner Jane Race said: Puma Trainers Weeknd

MPs vote through controversial hospital shutdown law Clause 119 From Richmond and Twickenham Times

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Puma Shoes For Men Price

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In the House of Commons yesterday, 297 MPs voted in favour of Clause 119, while 239 voted against it.

This clause states that a Puma Shoes For Men Price "trust special administrator" taking action in relation to a hospital trust in financial difficulties would be able to take action "in relation to another NHS trust, which Puma Usa Shoes

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of others instead of addressing the problems related to the failings and correcting them is down to gross failure of duty of care to the residents of these areas by the government. There is nothing more important for the welfare of a community than the easy availability of proper medical care as quickly as possible when needed. Under NO circumstances should a Hospital Closer Clause or any other legislation allow any entity to bypass and deny public participation in such critical matters so directly effecting their welfare.

Clause 119 of the Government's Care Bill, the Hospital Closure Clause, would allow a hospital to be closed or downgraded if another trust in the area is failing financially.

"Decisions about the future of NHS services should not be finance led, but driven by clinical performance and patient safety.

"I cannot see how that can be considered progress. I hope that the House of Lords do not allow this clause to put our local hospitals in jeopardy."

"Even the highest performing, financially healthy hospitals can be closed by administrators if a neighbouring trust is failing.

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"Clause 119 has the ability to cause serious damage to the NHS and our communities.

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This is a VERY slippery slope! This practice of closing hospitals due to the failure Puma Shoes Womens 2017

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is necessary for and consequential on action taken in relation to that NHS trust".

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Puma Shoes For Men Price

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